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Women love cushion foundations. They were born from Korean beauty brands and became a must-have makeup product faster than we can say “amazing skin”.

But cushion foundations, revolutionary as they may be with their sponge dispenser and puff applicator to pat on that coveted dewy, flawless glow, aren’t always a perfect be all and end all of base makeup.

They sometimes don’t stay well on some skin types, or don’t deliver the promised glow, or worse, look patchy or streaky. Fret not, no matter what your cushion foundation situation, we have the solution right here.


Problem 1: Streaky application

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When you pat and blend with the cushion puff and just cannot seem to stop it from looking streaky, it could be one of two reasons – 1. Your puff is in desperate need of a wash as it has too much product build-up on it and cannot evenly spread the foundation on your skin. 2. Your skin is too oily and is causing the foundation to slide around instead of blending into your skin.

Solution: With a dirty puff, a good wash with some facial wash or mild dishwashing soap will solve the problem, or the faster way? Buy a new puff to replace the old one.

If your skin is oily, try to pare down your skincare to just a water-based hydrating-balancing serum (skip moisturiser), and let it absorb well before you start to apply your cushion foundation. Or applying a light layer of mattifying primer before foundation might help too.


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Problem 2: Faded or oxidised foundation

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The problem here can be pinpointed directly to oily skin. When greasy skin produces excess sebum, it interacts and interferes with the foundation on your skin causing it to oxidise and darken. Oily skin also causes foundation to migrate so it ends up looking faded quickly, sometimes even in a matter of minutes.

Solution: You need two things to solve this crisis: A mattifying, balancing makeup base and a makeup setting spray. The makeup base should be applied in a light layer and allowed to absorb well before you apply your cushion foundation. And after patting on foundation, spritz on a makeup setting face mist designed to lock in the makeup and prevent fading and oxidation.


Problem 3: Foundation accentuates dry patches

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As with any foundation, when you apply your cushion foundation onto scabby or dry skin, it settles into the cracks and makes it look 10 times worse.

Solution: Nothing apart from good skincare can help you here. If your skin isn’t inflamed or sensitive, start with a round of exfoliation. Then replenish skin with a softening lotion, intensely hydrating serum, and moisturiser. If skin is red and irritated on top of being dry, spray a thermal water mist to soothe. Then use a moisturiser meant for sensitive skin. If the situation worsens, see a dermatologist pronto. Avoid applying foundation on the area until the skin peeling or irritation has cleared up.


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Problem 4: No glow

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One of the chief promises of cushion foundations is that dewy, k-beauty glow. But unfortunately, it doesn’t alway happen, especially if your skin is seriously congested or looking super dull with a pasty pallor. Blame it on pollution particles.

Solution: A good skin detox is what you need. Go for a deep cleansing facial with jet stream exfoliation to slough away dull dead skin. Or an at-home fix would be a scrub followed by a detoxifying clay mask. Before you apply your cushion foundation, try a layer of illuminating makeup base to amp up the radiance.


Problem 5: Cushion sponge has dried out in the middle

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When using our cushion foundation, we naturally press the applicator puff on the middle to pick up the product. This causes the center section to dry out first while some liquid foundation tend to pool around the sides of the sponge under the rim.

Solution: Ask a friend to hold down the compact for you, while you use two clean bobby pins to lift and turn the sponge over and replace it in the compact carefully. This will give the sponge a much-needed refresh and help spread the remaining product evenly so you get as much out of your cushion foundation as possible.


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