Credit: Instagram/@rebeccalim

Wedding bells are ringing for actress Rebecca Lim

The 35-year-old is engaged to a corporate branding professional who she started dating early this year, 8days reported on November 15.

This is the starlet’s first public relationship, so we don’t blame you if you’re curious about the mystery man, who is also 35. However, Rebecca told 8days that she would not be revealing his identity as he’s “very private”. 

Nevertheless, the bride-to-be couldn’t resist singing her fiance’s praises, describing him as “very secure” and “very filial”. 

The pair were set up by a family friend, Rebecca shared, and confessed that she “would never have thought that it would happen this way”. 

“Honestly, I have been so busy working and I have no time to go out and meet anyone out of the industry. For me, I took it as a gathering with friends and I went in with no expectations.”

Rebecca also took to Instagram to share a dreamy shot of the pair on the day of their engagement, which reportedly took place at a gallery on Friday, November 12. 

Celebrity pals including Xiang Yun, Fann Wong and Benjamin Kheng have left the pair congratulatory messages. Even Rebecca’s rumoured ex, actor Ian Fang, commented “Congrats” and left her a string of heart emojis.

However, it seems that he might not be having the best day despite his good intentions.

The 30-year-old was previously rumoured to be dating Rebecca and in 2019, his steamy texts with fellow actress Carrie Wong were leaked.

In light of the latter’s engagement, perhaps netizens are reminding him of the past. He took to Instagram Story to share his frustration at “getting scolded over another person’s marriage”. 

He wrote in Mandarin, “What exactly did I do to upset you all? Did I do something? I didn’t say anything! What did I do?”

On November 15, he also shared a photo of him looking pensive, accompanied by some cryptic musings: “Not every Christopher Lee has a Fann Wong. Not every Fann Wong is accompanied by a Christopher Lee.” The post has been taken down.

This article was first published on Asiaone.