Credit: Instagram/Seonho_kim

If you need a 101 on surviving Korean cancel culture, Kim Seon-ho might be the right guy for you.

Though to be fair, the last two weeks must have felt like a bit of a roller coaster for the South Korean actor. Since Oct 17, he has been embroiled in a scandal with his ex-girlfriend, who claimed that he coerced her into getting an abortion.

A number of brands that he endorses pulled the plug on him — including Domino’s Pizza Korea, Canon Korea, Miima, and Nau Korea — and removed commercials and photos of the 35-year-old from their social media accounts. 

On the verge of being cancelled, you would think it’d take ages for the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star to reach the lofty heights he achieved pre-scandal.

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However, it seems like the tide has already turned for Seon-ho. 

According to a report from Korean media outlet Dispatch, his ex-girlfriend has not been particularly angelic during their relationship either, allegedly seeing other men and keeping images and video content of him on her personal devices. 

With that, public perception of him has gone a complete 180, from pantomime villain to pitiful victim. 

If you are his massive fan, you can rejoice for some companies are bringing back his ads.

The mask brand Miima recently reinstated previously privated advertisements that featured Seon-ho. 

Kim Seon-ho returns to Miima’s YouTube page. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube
Kim Seon-ho on Miima’s website homepage. PHOTO: Screengrab/

Another brand that has reinstated him into their social media content is Canon Korea.

Judging by the outpour of hearts in the comments section, Seon-ho’s fans are delighted with this decision.

What’s more, he had 7.3 million followers on Instagram prior to the scandal. As the plot thickened, he gained a fair amount of fans and now has 7.7 million Instagram followers.

Surely that doesn’t count as someone getting cancelled, right?

This article was first published in AsiaOne.