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POV Meet our mentors for the Her World Mentorship
We hear from our mentors directly, and learn how the power of mentorship has helped in their own careers.
HW Woman of the Year Her World Woman Of The Year 2022 — Ng Gim Cho
EtonHouse’s Ng Gim Choo is a fearless visionary in education
HW Young Woman Achiever Her World Young Woman Achiever 2022 — Amanda
Amanda Chong is a multi-hyphenate in pursuit of justice
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People #HerWorldHerStory: Crunch Cutlery's Anna Lam
The co-founder of Crunch Cutlery created edible substitutes for plastic forks and spoons in reaction to the ubiquity of disposable tableware during the Covid-19 lockdown period.
People #HerWorldHerStory: OUE's Patrina Tan on green
The senior vice-president of retail, marketing and leasing at OUE Limited works at the intersection of the built environment and sustainability.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Shiok Meats' Sandhya Srira
As group CEO, chairman and co-founder of cell-based cultivated meat and seafood company Shiok Meats, she is leading the development of cultured meat products that are ethical and true to taste.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Zerrin's Susannah Jaffer o
Building a community of sustainability-minded consumers and audience is the current focus for this founder of media platform and marketplace Zerrin.
People #HerWorldHerStory: NTU prof Madhavi Srinivasa
She’s a professor at NTU School of Materials Science & Engineering and executive director of NTU Sustainability Office, which is involved in research, education and community engagement.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Magorium founder Oh Chu Xi
The founder of Magorium, a start-up that was founded in 2019, aims to reduce plastic waste by breaking down items like plastic bottles and shopping bags into road construction material.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Trina Liang on mentoring s
As president of the newly established non-profit society Women in Sustainability and Environment, she aims to create networking and mentorship opportunities for women in sustainability.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Charlotte Mei on inspiring
Besides being a nutritionist and host, Charlotte is also an advocate of sustainable living. She frequently shares tips on how one can minimise their carbon footprint without having to compromise on their lifestyle.
People #HerWorldHerStory: Savour! founder Katrina Le
The CEO and co-founder of Savour!, a tech startup that was founded in 2019, she aims to reduce food wastage via a business-to-business online marketplace that lists expiring, blemished and surplus food at corporate or charity discounts