Yes, we know what you may be thinking, looks aren’t everything. Indeed, we are totally with you. But, unless you’re willing to leave your online dating profile pic as that random ghost silhouette oft-associated with someone you would never want to meet up with this side of ever, or lack any self-confidence, you’re going to have to put a photo up there. As the stigma attached to online dating apps and sites becomes more and more remote (Tinder is part of popular culture and in some circles, daily water cooler convo) the pressure to know which pics to pick increases. How do you show that you’re a cat-lover, like a good night out dancing and are a loyal friend and partner in just a few carefully curated pictures? Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and with many people’s bios reading as “I’m your Harvey Specter” or something equally as unhelpful, visuals become our main way to source out our next potential dates. Here are some helpful tips, to help you dress for your best self:

Image: Showbit

#1 It’s a variety show

We’re all multi-faceted human beings, and none of us want to be put in a box. Maybe you’re a surfer who also loves to hang with the girls and munch pizza, or an avid gamer who is obsessed with Chanel’s every move. You’ll want to show these sides of yourself in your profile, so have a picture of you hanging with your girls’ on a night out (where you’re coincidentally looking fabulous) and another of you at your folks’ house snuggled up to your childhood dog, look radiant in a t-shirt and jeans. Whatever makes you tick, put it front and centre of your profile as a statement about who you are. 

#2 Ask your friends

I have had countless sessions with my girlfriends when we collectively decide just what their 5 Tinder photos should be. Great friends will be able to help pictures which they love you in, and are a much nicer judge than we tend to be of ourselves! Also as your any potential partner needs to be a great friend first and foremost, who better to judge which pictures represent what attracts them to you than your besties!

#3 Wear red

Yes, the colour of confidence, passion and seduction. Statistics show that people wearing red in their profile pictures get more likes and less swipes! If you’re really in the game to win, this might be a psychological trick you want to try out. 

#4 Don’t be selfish

Controversial, we know, but though Kim K’s book sold out, it doesn’t always pay to be a selfie queen. Especially when your profile allows for more than one photo, you don’t want every shot to be of you in your bathroom pouting, unless you really are hoping to attract someone who believes narcissism is the way forward. 

#5 Check your lighting

Natural lighting is always the most flattering, as every supermodel will testify (and they are pros behind the camera). But ensure there are no obscuring glares and flares in your profile picture lest you want someone to think you’re hiding something about the right side of your face!

Go forth and have fun with it! And once you’ve got that date, see here for date night dressing ideas.