“Growing up, I had what some would call the ‘classic’ Asian look, with long dark hair, a porcelain complexion, and almond-shaped eyes. Although I was considered fairly attractive throughout my adolescent and early adulthood years, I never imagined that I would someday go under the knife to change my appearance – and for a man to boot.

“Four years ago, when I was 30, I spotted my dream man. Physically, Jason was everything I wanted in a partner – tall, handsome, and athletically built. But beyond that, I was attracted to him because he came from a good family, had a well-paying job, and had a bright future ahead of him in the banking industry. When I first laid eyes on him at a friend’s party, I told myself that I had to have him. The only catch: I wasn’t the kind of girl Jason would look at twice.”

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She’s got the look

“Jason was someone who went out with a roster of different women each weekend. For several months, whenever I went to clubs and friends’ parties, I would notice him and the types of women who were with him. They all seemed to have the same look – busty and curvy, like Asian Kylie Jenners. Talking to a friend, I discovered that Jason always went for women who looked like that. ‘He has very particular tastes and tends to gravitate towards women with a certain look’, this friend said. But there was one problem – most of Jason’s dates were, I’m sorry to say, empty vessels and after a while, Jason would grow bored with them. According to my friend, Jason was desperate to settle down but he wanted a woman who was not only attractive but also smart, interesting and engaging.

“I learnt from another friend that Jason and I had a lot in common, so I knew that we’d have plenty to talk about and bond over. But in order to capture Jason’s heart, I had to first catch his eye. There was really only one way to get Jason to notice me – I would have to undergo some kind of physical makeover. If he was drawn to a particular type of woman, I convinced myself that I would have to look the part.”

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From simple to stunning

“The only way for me to achieve that voluptuous look Jason liked was to get breast implants. Because I worked out a lot, my butt was already quite toned, but I lacked curves where it most mattered – my bust. I also felt that I needed injectable fillers to accentuate my nose, lips and cheekbones, as well as to plump up the fine lines I was beginning to see around my eyes.

“I consulted a reputable cosmetic surgeon and booked my procedures. I didn’t tell my friends and family about the surgery because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. Plus, I didn’t want word to get back to Jason that I’d had altered my appearance just to get his attention.

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“The surgery went well and I recovered fairly quickly. Once the swelling in my chest subsided I was happy with how my breasts looked – I went from an average B-cup to an eye-popping E-cup. And the injectable fillers in my face made my features look more pronounced; I now had incredibly plump puckers, prominent cheeks and a higher nose bridge. A few of my colleagues noticed that I looked ‘different’, but I told them that I’d just switched lippie and was wearing a push-up bra.

“As part of my transformation, I also got rid of the baggy dresses that I typically wore and invested in more body-hugging outfits. I changed my hair, too, so gone were the sleek and straight, dark locks. In their place was a big, wavy mane with light-brown highlights. My makeup was the only thing I didn’t really change – I’d always gone for soft and simple colours and I decided to stick with those.”

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Instant attraction

“A couple of months after my makeover, I was ready to reveal myself to Jason. I found out where he was going to be one night and got all dressed up. I must admit – I looked super-hot. I sauntered over to where Jason was and stood a few feet from him. It didn’t take him long to notice me because just about all the guys in his group looked in my direction. When my eyes met Jason’s, there was instant chemistry. We exchanged smiles, and before I knew it he started walking towards me.

“It was one of the best nights of my life. Jason bought me a drink and we spent hours talking. By the end of the night, we knew that we wanted to see each other again.

“Over the following months, Jason and I continued to date. He told me that he’d never met a woman who had everything he wanted. And he lived up to my expectations, too: He was gentlemanly, fun to be with, kind hearted, smart, caring, and responsible. I knew that I’d found the guy I wanted to marry. After meeting me, Jason stopped seeing other women and made it clear that he wanted to settle down with me.

“I told Jason about my breast implants a few months into our relationship. He had come across some old photographs of me and observed that I looked very different. Of course, I didn’t tell him why I had the surgery and I never will.

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“About 14 months after we started dating, Jason proposed to me, and of course, I accepted. We’ve now been married for just over a year and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Even though I got my wish to marry Jason, I have not been complacent with regards to my appearance. I still take care of my skin and body, and I still dress the way Jason likes. I worked really hard to get my man to notice me and now that I’ve got him, I don’t want him eyeing other women. I’m pretty sure he won’t, but it’s important that I look and feel my best when we’re together.

“I don’t know many women who would have done what I did to get a guy. My mum used to say: ‘If a man won’t accept you as you are, then he’s not right for you’. I agree with her to an extent, but let’s face it: Most men are attracted to a woman’s looks first, and her heart and personality, second. If I had to change my appearance just to get my dream man to fall in love with my heart and character, then it was all worth it.”

*Names have been changed.