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Whether it’s work, meetings, a dinner date or a night out with friends, if you’re always showing up later than the pre-arranged time, it’s time to get rid of this bad habit. Here’s how you can always arrive on time.

1. Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Whether you’re a fashion diva or someone who dresses for comfort, most of us spend a lot of time looking for what to wear. To save time, plan your work outfits for the week every Sunday so you’re ready to get dressed and go every morning. This is especially easy in Singapore since the weather is consistent throughout the year so there’s no need to worry about adding scarves, jackets or boots on the day if the weather turns bad. 

2. Log Off Social Media

You know what it’s like, you log on “just for two minutes” before leaving the house and end up spending half and hour – or more! – on social media. Everyone knows how distracting it can be and it’s a total time waster too, so only log on when you can genuinely spare the time, or risk the chance of being late yet again.

3. Time Your Make-Up

It’s easy to get carried away when putting on make-up, trying to perfect a certain look, or to make yourself look fresher than you feel. Set a timer on your phone – 10 minutes is ideal – and stick to this time frame every morning so you’ll be out the door at the same time every day.  

4. Be Organised

You don’t need to revamp your whole life, just make sure you know where everything is. Many of us spend precious minutes in a day looking for keys, phones, glasses etc, so have a spot for these items – such as a bowl, a box or a hook – and you’ll find them easily at the same spot as you leave for work every morning.

5. Learn To Say No

It’s good to help others but when you are tight for time, you should prioritise your schedule. So if you’re between meetings and your colleague asks you to grab a quick coffee to bitch about the new boss or if you’re rushing out the door and your best friend rings you to spill about her hot date the night before, learn to turn them down gently. Leave those chats or errands for when you have time to spare so you won’t deviate from your schedule and you’ll arrive on time.


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