Inspo for International Women’s Day, coming right up. Ladies, meet a sampling of the sassiest young women achievers around – Amanda Eng, Carolyn Kan and Gina Heng – all of whom have done their own thing and emerged all the stronger for it.

Who are they? This terrific trio is composed of a former ad-woman turned award-winning artisanal jeweller; a banker turned marketer-slash-buyer for an online design retailer; and co-founder and CEO of a private investment group – talk about diversity, amiright?  

What these women have in common is a gung-ho spirit and charisma in spades – which is why they’ve been pipped by us to be part of a select roundtable of speakers for our signature Young Woman Achiever Social shindig (which falls neatly during the month where the world at large clinks their champagne flutes to women in general. #JustSaying!)

Given International Women’s Day and all that jazz, we’re training the spotlight on Singaporean women just like you. Here are just three of the fabulous females who rock our world, in their own (and very wise) words:

Amanda Eng, marketing and buying director at Naiise

The only way is up.

If you’re thinking of doing the entrepreneur thing, don’t be afraid of being gutsy and getting into the right scraps. Here’s Amanda’s encouraging #QOTD for would-be solo businesswomen: “When you’re down, there’s only one place to go: Up. No hurdle is permanent and with determination and some patience, your path in life will reveal itself.”

“I find momentum to be a very useful force for propelling myself forward, regardless of the situation I’m in. Just keep going  if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed and defeated by hardship, it’ll get even harder to pick yourself up again.”

Don’t let your mask slip.

So how does Amanda maintain the luminosity of that mien of hers? “Eating well, sleeping enough and being happy are three of the most natural ingredients you can feed your skin with. Of course, weekly hydrating masks help, too.” Now those are best practices we can really get on board with!

Get glowing…Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask

Carolyn Kan, founder and designer at Carrie K./ founder and creative director of Keepers

She’s having the last laugh.

“Laughter is an essential part of my daily diet – life is way too serious as it is. Carrie K.’s mission is to sprinkle a bit of playful magic in people’s lives, so it’s important that we love what we do, and do what we love.”

“Ask for help and don’t bottle problems inside you. I’ve always surrounded myself with people who are better than me, and who share my passion and mission. With the support of my ‘village’, we have overcome seemingly possible situations. And when people call on you for help, give back.”

A beaming woman is a beautiful woman.

“I’m not sure I’m the best person to give skincare tips, but a smile goes a long way. It’s infectious, and positive energy always attracts positive reactions.”

Let your lips do the talking…Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer

Gina Heng, CEO and co-founder of the Marvelstone Group

Good people need well, good people.

“Spending quality time with good friends or family for a meal or coffee is so helpful. My loved ones serve as good sounding boards, cheerleaders and keep me in focus in times of doubt.”

“Try to see the big picture and have a longer term view of things – it’s not about winning in the short run and missing out on the whole plot. Be flexible and adaptable to changes. You never know what will come your way.”

Load up on H20, and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap.

“Drink lots of water and moisturise well.  Oh, and don’t forget to cover up from the sun with a tinted CC cream with SPF. Using a facial mask sheet before sleep is also always a good idea if you don’t have time to do anything else.”

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