At the age of 17, Lydia Ko became the the youngest player ever to be ranked No. 1 in professional golf. And apart from the string of youngest Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) accolades under her belt, the Korean-born New Zealander is also third place in the Rolex World Rankings. Want to catch her in action? She’ll be playing at HSBC Women’s World Championship when the tournament returns to Sentosa Golf Club from March 3 to 6. The 24-year-old tells us a bit about how stays at the top of her game.

Q: How do you maintain a health regime with all the travelling you do?

When I am playing a tournament, my routine must be flexible as it is dependent on practice times, tee times and the travel required. But when I am home, I incorporate fun things into my workout routine like rock climbing and tennis. I have been trying to gain muscle to increase my distance and just get stronger overall and I have a trainer and bespoke gym routine tailored to my golf and personal goals.

I think I will always love to work out in the gym whether I am playing golf or not. It is something that feels very controllable and certain – especially when you compare it to playing golf, where you really can’t control every outcome. You have a set of goals that you can hit if you put the effort in and I enjoy that. I also love the mindfulness aspect of yoga and Pilates and the calming effect they have on me.

Q: Do you watch what you eat?

I don’t really follow a diet per se but I do try to eat healthily. My treat is my mum’s cooking – you don’t realize how lucky you are to eat your mum’s food until you don’t have your mum there to rustle up an amazing meal.

Q: How do you manage pre-game anxiousness and maintain a positive attitude during your games?

I have worked hard to be patient. It helps that I have more balance in my life now.

Q: What do you love the most about being on the circuit?

I love playing golf and competing and most of my closest friends on the LPGA. It sounds cliche but it really is one big family. Travelling with so many friends out on Tour makes time away from home a breeze as it is my home away from home.

Q: What do you feel about the support you’ve received?

I really appreciate every ounce of support I’ve received from my fans during my career so far – especially during my tough times, feeling the love and support of the crowd has been very special to me and motivating.