Going beyond slogan tees emblazoned with feminist messages, there are fashion labels like Triumph with the ethos and ethics to support women around the world. For the past 130 years, Triumph has made it its mission to push out lingerie pieces that made women feel sexy and confident, whatever that may mean to them. These intimate pieces certainly don’t just cater to one specific body type or pander to a male gaze.

Triumph also exemplifies the campaign message with its all-female creative team led by Award Winning filmmaker, Paolo Morabito. Just like a good bra – Triumph’s newly unveiled campaign aims to lift women up. Not with “girly” hues or mega cleavage but by showing what women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages do best – supporting and helping other women through simple acts of kindness.


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To celebrate this recognition of sisterhood and togetherness, a media launch of the campaign was held on the May 2, 2018 at The Assembly Ground cafe in The Cathay in partnership with, well – us!

The event kicked off with a thought provoking speech from ladies self-defence instructor and CEO of Kapap Academy Qin Yunquan who embodies the spirit of the campaign. The 29-year-old recalled her battle with anorexia and shared how she got through that rough patch in her life with martial arts and self-defence. (Stay tuned for our video to see Yunquan’s full speech).

Apart from sharing about her journey and female empowerment, Yunquan also demonstrated how to stay on top of dangerous situations. The crowd was impressed to say the least (and perhaps a little sympathetic for the gung-ho volunteer she was practicing her moves on).

In addition to this inspiring sharing session by Yunquan, there was also a booth where guests could get their very own personalised luggage tags from J.Artisans Leather Works as well as other fringe activities like a photo booth experience. J.Artisans is a local boutique brand founded in 2012 that specialises in handcrafted leather goods.

Guests were also treated to delicious canapes provided by The Assembly Ground cafe, including cold brew teas and coffee as well as savoury and sweet delights.

After the event was over, guests were treated to a special private screening to the latest blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity Wars” – popcorn included, natch.

Attendees who came include E! News Asia presenter Yvette King, Kiss 92FM deejay Charmaine Yee, Class 95FM deejay Yasminne Cheng, models Jean Yong, Project M winner Naomi Huth and Noelle Huth, bloggers Yina Goh, Gail Soh and Khaw XinLin.