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The problem with living in the modern age is that we’re always bogged down with one thing or another. But life really can be a lot simpler if we only did things a certain way. Here are eight ways to achieve this. 

1. Plan Your Day

It sounds like a no-brainer but most people don’t have a clue what they’re doing each day and just move from one day to another in somewhat of a daze, going through the motions. Write a list each day of what tasks you have to do and set yourself some daily goals too. Once you know exactly what you need to do for the day, you’ll be more organised and it’ll be much easier to get through the day. 

2. Complain Less

Many people spend a lot of time complaining about things that they have no control over. For example, do you think the price of coffee at your local cafe is too high? Don’t waste time complaining, go somewhere else if it bothers you so much. Or are you not happy with increased petrol prices? Then only drive when it’s necessary. Complaining takes up a lot of time and energy that could be used more productively so it’s time to stop doing it. 

3. Go On An Un-friending Spree

You know that friend you meet once every couple of months even though you don’t want to but you do it just because it’s become part of your routine? Stop meeting her if it doesn’t suit you. You only have 24 hours a day, spend it doing things you enjoy, with people you enjoy doing them with. And definitely cut ties with anyone who’s toxic. 

4. Reply Emails

Your emails are only going to pile up and, once you see that you have 50 emails that are awaiting your reply, you’ll get unnecessarily stressed. So reply them as the day goes; it’s always easier to deal with things in smaller doses, so avoid that avalanche of emails if you can. 

5. De-clutter 

A messy office or house also leads to a messy brain. So whether it’s your office desk, your bedroom or your laptop’s desktop, get rid of things you don’t need. Or at least organise them better. Having too much can sometimes make things more complicated so simplify your life by having less things. For example, if you get rid of all the clothes in your closet that you never wear (don’t lie, we all have them!), getting dressed every day will be much easier because you’ll have less options to choose from. 

6. Clean Now

Whether it’s making your bed in the morning or washing every cup or dish as soon as you’ve finished using it, cleaning as you go makes your life much easier. Nobody likes to see a sink full of dishes or a big pile of letters on your desk so if you clear things as the day passes, you won’t be left with a mountain to deal with at the end of the day. 

7. Just Say No

Over-committing – it’s a first-world problem and many of us are guilty of doing it. Don’t sign up for that spin class when your friend asks you if you really can’t stand the idea of sweating in public. Don’t agree to meet your secondary school friend on the only free night you have left in the week. You don’t even need to stress about coming up with a good excuse, saying ‘no’ should do the job. 

8. Go Out

Fresh air is good for you so make it a point to go outdoors for at least a few minutes each day (not including walking to and from the MRT station). Reconnecting with nature is an ideal way to feel refreshed and energised so why not go back to basics and just sit in a park or on a neighbourhood bench for a few minutes each day and just watch the world go by? Sometimes, life really is that simple. 


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