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A 15-month-old child failed to recognize her mother after she underwent several plastic surgery procedures on popular Korean makeover show “Let Me In”.

Jin Young, a mother of two weighed 113kg before she went on the show and lost 45kg after her transformation.

Jin Young used to be the envy of all the girls and resembled a popular Korean star, So Young Go, five years ago.

However, giving birth to two kids, Jin Young did not maintain her figure and became addicted to fast food.

Standing at 1.78m-tall, Jin Young became obsessed with eating and even gave up housework due to her intolerable appetite.

She even fed her 15-month-old daughter ramen even though she knew that it was not good for her.

“I give it to her so that I can eat at the same time,” she said.

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According to a video on id hospital korea plastic surgery, her obsession with food led to her to her dramatic weight gain but Jin Young could not be bothered with losing the extra pounds.

On the show she was put on a rigorous diet and had surgery to remove the saggy skin caused by the weight loss.

She also had V-line surgery and had facial lifting to improve her features.

The woman who was once a super star on campus regained her confidence after appearing on the show.

After spending 92 days away from her family, Jin Young was excited to see her husband and daughters and show off her new look on the show.

However her young daughter did not seem to recognize her mum and clung on to her dad. Jin Young was in tears but the hosts of the show consoled her.

Fortunately for her, Jin Young’s elder daughter liked her mum’s new look and praised her.

The revamped beauty promised that she will only make healthy foods for her children from now on.

Check out her transformation in the gallery below and watch the video below.


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