Credit: kāi by bellywellyjelly and Kotex®

Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) has been quite busy: apart from running her online store, kāi by bellywellyjelly, she was also recently appointed the ambassador for Kotex Singapore’s new campaign “Unstoppable” in collaboration with kāi by bellywellyjelly. The 30-year-old with 261,000 followers on Instagram tells us about her upcoming projects, what being unstoppable means to her, and how she stays emotionally resilient during challenging times.

What have you been up to the past six months? What are some projects you’ve been working on?

There is so much going on! My team and I have been working on this collaboration with Kotex for the past couple of months. I am taking my certification for a project and working on an exciting launch coming up later this year on kāi!

How have you been keeping yourself mentally healthy during P2HA? How have you been spending your time?

Making it a point to have ample rest, making time to learn something new (I’m learning how to skate!) and taking some time to start journaling (still struggling with this but little steps!).

Please tell us more about the collaboration between kāi and Kotex, and what it means to you.

This collaboration means a lot to me because I am a fan of the brand and Kotex is my monthly companion. When I learnt more about what the brand stands for, I felt like it aligned very well with kāi and myself personally.

To me, being unstoppable does not mean that you feel empowered all the time. To me, it means to fall and get back up again. It means being unafraid, resilient, brave and being better. In addition, I always believe that by supporting each other, we can achieve greater things individually as one sisterhood and partnering with Kotex provides an opportunity to share our platform to inspire the female community.

You’re one of Singapore’s most popular influencers. What’s next for you professionally?

It has always been my goal to share knowledge from what I have learnt through life and work. Through my work, I hope to be able to leave people feeling like they are not alone and to transform moods toward a positive direction even if it just by a little. At kāi, we like to call this being #yourvitaminhappy.

I’m in the midst of developing of @faceyogahome, which should be up early 2022. I am currently a certified face yoga instructor but am in the midst of taking another certification to better my knowledge. I am in no rush, and this move forward would help me better understand my work in the beauty industry as a content creator. Picking up face yoga started as a project heavily inspired by my mother’s journey and how it helped her–it has movements that can help improve the efficacy of skincare I use and in the long run, create a more lifted and symmetrical facial profile. I am looking to be a face yoga expert in the near future and hope people are as excited as I am when I start classes!

You’ve had to deal with a fair bit of negative comments given the nature of your job — how have you managed to stay emotionally resilient?

I believe that in order to have great days, we must power through the days that don’t shine as bright. Accepting that they shall pass is one way. Reaching out for help and making known that you are not going through a good time would cushion how painful it feels. A good cry always helps, I can attest to that. Learning how to best care for our emotional health in every season is an ongoing journey. I will always be learning how to take better care of myself.

Because I know how bad days feel, I treasure the good days so much more now. This is also the inspiration behind the Unstoppable campaign collab with Kotex Luxe, where we’ve designed limited-edition collectibles including a water tumbler and two-piece sticker pack with hand-drawn creations from kāi. I am so excited for the community to use them to be inspired, organised and most of all, remember that they are fearless and unstoppable.

The collectibles (worth S$38.80), will be made available for free together with S$18 purchase worth of Kotex® Products including the Kotex Luxe® range from now till September, 15, 2021 or while stocks last. For more information on the promotion and the full list of participating outlets, visit: