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Having a rough day? Run a bath. Or well, sometimes prevention is better than cure and it’s the little things that keep us happy and thriving. Here are the little ways that these female entrepreneurs and go-getters in Singapore take care of their wellbeing so that they can trudge on day-to-day.

1. Pocket Sun, co-founder and managing partner of SoGal


I had a rough Chinese New Year to say the least – struggled with cold + fever for the past 11 days. Some nights were sleepless; some days I couldn’t help but crying because of pain. Had a bacterial infection that went up to my left ear, causing a lot of pain and a blockage in my hearing. I’m fortunate to have the best family and loved one in my corner who took care of me, but still, it was a lot of manage and I’m continuously fighting it. Never took so many types of meds in my life! The sickness will go away; the strength will stay. I know the rest of the year will only be better, and for that I’m putting a big smile on my face Treasure your health and take good care of it, my friend! . . . . . #smile #staystrong #health #selfcare #selflove #chinesenewyear #newyearsresolution #truestory #mood #motivation #strength #thisisaday #collatethelabel

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“I write down the feelings and emotions I want to immerse in, and the detailed ideal outcome. It helps me envision how it’ll go down and show up with high energy.”

“I also remind myself to be mindful of the nice moments in life, hugs, kisses, cuddling with my partner. These things give me a lot of comfort. I like to give and receive verbal affirmation with people I care about.”

“I like to be spontaneous and play (meaning spending time with no specific purpose). Not everything you do needs to be with a purpose! Leaning into joy is what keeps us busy people sane.”


2. Anna Haotanto, CEO and founder of The New Savvy

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Exercise (endorphins!)

“I would love to join team sports but I can’t commit to one due to my crazy schedule right now. Instead I sign up for classes and exercise three to four times a week – running long distance, doing HIIT, and am now into spinning!”

“Once a week, I pamper myself with a nice long, hot bath for an hour. It’s when I do all my beauty treatments at a go. After that, I’ll treat myself to an hour of reading with a glass of whisky or two.”

A coffee run

“Before any important meetings or events, I drink a latte to give myself a jolt. I don’t think the actual caffeine has any effect but the smell is enough to perk me up.”


3. Elaine Kim, co-founder of Trehaus and CRIB  and palliative care doctor at HCA Hospice Care

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Family time
“I have three young children and finding moments in between work and meetings to just spend time with them brings such joy to me. It helps me keep a clear perspective on what really matters in the midst of stress or busyness. I’m really lucky to be able to do this anytime because my office is at Trehaus, which has a co-working office, preschool and family club all under one roof. I’m able to pop into the nursery where my little one is in between meetings, and not miss out on my children’s precious first years.”

4. Fiona Tan, makeover artist and Singapore’s first plus-size beauty queen


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Beauty rituals

“I usually go for manicure, facial and hair treatments once a month because I see them as integral to my personal self-care routine. They make me feel good.”


“If I want something more instantaneous, I’ll relax by watching something on Netflix.”


“Otherwise, if I have time to plan ahead, I like to reward myself by visiting places on my bucket list and choose to stay in the nicer hotels. Most recently, I came back from a 2-week trip around Korea, where I customised my own perfume scent in Busan.”


5. Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome

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Hair wash

“Once a month or before an event, I make an appointment for a hair wash – wash and blow. It allows me to relax, think and look better all at the same time. It’s a bonus when I manage to engage in good conversation with the salon staff.”


“I arrange for my two-and-a-half-year-old son to be dropped off at my office once or twice a week. Getting hugs from him just makes me feel so fortunate and makes my day brighter. If I work weekends, I bring him in too.”


6. Esther Khong, co-founder of Date Out

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“I unwind by playing the guitar or piano cause that helps me release whatever stress I’m facing through music.”


7. Anthea Ong, co-founder of Hush Teabar, author of 50 Shades of Love and Nominated Member of Parliament


Minimise distractions
“My phone is perpetually on silent mode (not even vibration) so I only check when I want to (which is often but at least I have control over when I wish to get distracted). I don’t sleep with my phone next to me, but leave it outside in the living room.”

“For the past 13 years, I’ve also been meditating twice a day – at least half an hour in the morning and before bed, and I try to be mindful with my breathing as often as I can through the day.”