I’m not at the world’s most organised person, in fact, many who know we would say I’m extremely scatterbrained. So here are 7 learned tricks that help me stay organised without stressing and will aid even the most disorganised of souls to keep their you-know-what together:

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#1 Invest in more than one phone charger

Keep a phone charger at home and in the office to avoid forgetting it when you bring it to and fro, there’s nothing worse than not having juice in your device till you get to work the next morning. Or at the very least, make sure you have a spare charging cable so you can hook it up to your laptop or computer at your desk or at home.

#2 Always be prepared for that time of the month

If you’re a serial bag changer, put at least two tampons or pads in every bag you use so you’re never caught off-guard when nature calls, or at the very least you can help a less organised sister out!

#3 Drink your 2 litres a day

Water keeps your brain functioning at optimum capacity, so invest in a 2 litre bottle and fill it up at the beginning of every day so you can make sure you’re always hydrated throughout. We like the Nalgene brand. 

Image: Showbit

#4 Keep yourself pillow fresh

If you don’t have time or are feeling super lazy to change your sheets, just freshen up your pillowcase. It will ensure your hair and face are kept free from grease and bacteria build-up until you have a moment to refresh your entire cocoon. 

#5 Keep a folder handy with photos of all your important documents and cards

If you lose your wallet (or worse, have it stolen) you’re going to want the content details at hand, so ensure you have image copies of your IC, debit cards, driving license etc. Have them to hand whether they be in paper or virtual form (store in the cloud, not on your phone, lest that be stolen too). 

#6 Mist up and take it off after a workout

Take off that sweaty sports bra after a workout, no one wants the clammy sweat to cool on their bodies, it will cause breakouts and clogged pores! Also mist up with a thermal water spray to help your pores unclog from sweat if you don’t have time to take an intensive shower before you head off from the studio. 

#7 Stock up on greek yoghurt 

This is a secret health hack; greek yoghurt is super low fat and can store forever in the fridge, it’s perfect to mix with dry granola for a yummy and quick breakfast or mix in with fresh fruit. It’s also a perfect choice if one of your new year’s resolutions is to get in shape!

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