Rachel Tan’s 3,000 Instagram followers are regularly treated to her light-hearted and quirky posts on her daily struggle trying to be a zero-waste heroine. On her gram (@nocarrierpls), she also has tips and sustainable item giveaways.

This eco-Insta-warrior feels that most people have a narrow notion that living waste-free is hard, but she says that small steps are all that are needed.

“You don’t have to go fully waste-free. It’s a journey that is nothing but feeling good about what you do. You can just start by skipping a plastic bag – don’t ever feel like you’re not doing enough, because your individual effort has a huge ripple effect,” she encourages.

“I discovered the Bring Your Own (BYO) movement and decided to bring it to Singapore,” adds the 21-year-old. She now brings her own tumbler to buy bubble tea, and drinks from her own reusable bamboo straw (you can buy one from @bamboostrawgirl).

Sceptics gave her weird looks in the past; some even refused to serve her a drink in her reusable cup. But Rachel says there have been small victories: Other customers have told her they’ve realised they could bring their own cup or utensils, and refuse a straw.

I thought I’d just do another post!! Because reminder hehe!! Whenever you’re at a drink stall or GC or koi or wtv. RMB THAT UR METAL OR BAMBOO STRAW STRUGGLE is or will be a norm. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to poke through that Lid! IF EVERYONE LOOKS STUPID TGT NOBODY WILL LOOK STUPID logic ! HAHAHA I ever had someone telling me they felt so embarrassed stabbing their metal straws through the seal but she looked at the person beside her and she was gg through the same struggle too!! HAHAH OFC to save ur souls u can always just try using ur bottles 😉 but if you’re Not ready then just wave ur metal or bamboo straws proudly in the air or if you’re using ur bottles Shake ur waste free drinks in front of everyone HAHAHAHAH or swing around ur reusable bags HAHAHHA the point of this I Guess is to just normalise this green culture. So many people are so afraid to go green because sometimes it can be quite scary!! Like really!! To ask for things in ur lunchbox or bottle. It’s an extra step! But to make things easier for everyone, ask more often and get staff more familiar and the people around us more familiar with this whole culture! So thank u greeners for gg green and spreading the word hehe @shay_lotte @thoothoothrain @elyzacarbajal @anthventure @natashalye @melissalyl @seasaltbagel @xiu.ting @regretrebecca @izzymissy11 ❤️♻️

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In the process of sharing and educating, Rachel says she’s grateful for all the feedback and ideas coming from others as well. “My followers have taught me so many things I often don’t consider. I think one of the biggest takeaways is to show you’re not alone on this journey, and that making conscious and sustainable choices is actually a pretty attractive thing to live by – something that doesn’t always come at a cost but also with a benefit.”

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