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When it comes to Chinese New Year, it’s all about maximum huat. After all, you have to start the year on as lucky a note as possible right? So even when you deposit your money in the bank, matters. According to Feng Shui, the luckiest day to deposit money into your account is Li Chun, the beginning of Spring. In Singapore and many other countries you’ll see long queues outside deposit ATMs on Li Chun.

Traditionalists go one further and aim to deposit money in the bank or online at the most auspicious times for their Chinese horoscope. So read on to find the exact best times to deposit money during Chinese New Year 2022, according to Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui experts.

Check this chart for your horoscope’s lucky time to deposit money on Li Chun 2022

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Li Chun (立春) is the first festival of the Chinese solar year and it falls on either the third, fourth or fifth of February. 

Known as “the Beginning of Spring”, Li Chun is the start of a new Chinese solar year when we are revitalised and look forward to a fresh beginning.

Some people like to celebrate Li Chun by balancing an egg upright on a flat surface. It’s usually pretty hard to do, but it’s easier on this day. It’s because of the alignment of the moon and sun on this day, which alters the Earth’s gravitational field. 

This concern with balance has evolved into the modern era. So now followers of Feng Shui believe that depositing money during Li Chun symbolises steady and balanced income throughout the year. Many people also choose auspicious timings throughout the day to deposit money, based on their own horoscope or zodiac sign. The money can be deposited in the bank or you can deposit money online.

Text: Tan Hue Kay, Editor of Way Feng Shui Group, Additional reporting: Tara Barker

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.