When we first entered the workforce and worked to build up our career (and wealth), we would have received advice to get insurance for health or critical illnesses. But is this really sufficient? What about the things you’ve worked hard for to buy, or items that hold sentimental value? If you have ever lost a wedding ring, had your favourite handbag stolen, or dinged your thousand-dollar watch, the (emotional) pain can be real. Having to deal with the monetary loss is one thing, but if those possessions were irreplaceable or had some special meaning to you, your sense of loss would be far greater.

One way to protect these precious assets from accidents, damage and theft is through what AIG Singapore calls “passion insurance”, covering anything from your jewellery to supercars under the Premier Client Solutions and Elite Auto Plan.

More than “just stuff”

Premier Client Solutions is a homeowner insurance policy that provides greater coverage for loss and damage to homes, valuables and personal liability. This policy includes worldwide coverage for personal collections such as jewellery, watches, and art and wine collections. Furthermore, if you are a keen diver, hiker or cyclist who enjoys travelling the world in pursuit of your passions, Premier Client Solutions complements your travel insurance policies to ensure that your diving and hiking equipment or customised bicycles, for example, are covered in an emergency. It also provides tailored insurance solutions so that disruptions are minimised in the event of mishaps. This means you will have access to experts such as AIG Singapore’s network of private jewellers and valuers who can help to resolve the problems that matter most to you.

If you drive a luxury car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, AIG Singapore’s Elite Auto Plan is an auto insurance policy that covers high-value vehicles in the event of accidents. The policy offers an optional add-on for unlimited loss-of-use cover, which ensures minimal disruption for its customers with a courtesy car delivered to your doorstep. And there’s personal accident cover for everyone in the car – over and above any existing personal accident or life insurance policy the driver or her passengers may have.

Get your prized possessions protected today, by visiting www.aig.com.sg/premier, or calling 6419-3099.


AIG Singapore’s Premier Client Solutions offers comprehensive coverage for your personal collections. The policy:

  • Protects against property damage or loss, regardless of cause.
  • Allows damaged property to be repaired or replaced with new items.
  • Offers reimbursement at cost without depreciation in value.
  • Offers worldwide coverage for contents, and valuables damaged or lost outside of the home.
  • Has customised limits for treasured valuables.

The Elite Auto Plan offers greater coverage for high-value vehicles, including:

  • Real-time SMS updates during claims services.
  • Coverage outside Singapore.
  • No impact on No Claims Discount for flood or windstorm losses.
  • Car lock and key replacement due to break-in, robbery or theft.
  • Optional add-on for unlimited loss-of-use cover.