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Are you a single Singaporean who cannot help but wonder what you can do while your friends are hanging out with their significant other? No need to fuss about being alone just because you aren’t attached!

Being single presents the perfect opportunity for you to spend time on enriching activities, to pamper yourself and enjoy being able to do whatever you want at any given time!

1. Indulge In Whatever Makes You Happy

Yes, and that includes dancing or singing like a maniac in your bedroom, getting a manicure, catching up on your favourite K-dramas and binging on donuts and ice-cream.

Go for a swim or sweat it out at the gym to get those feel-good endorphins flowing if you prefer to relax your body, mind and soul through exercising. Time to shower yourself with some love, sweetie!

2. Finish Or Start Something You’ve Been Meaning To Do

This could be anything from rearranging your closet by colour, reading that book your buddy got you last Christmas, cleaning your bookshelf, decluttering your makeup stash, cleaning the fridge, paying your bills or filing important letters and documents neatly. You can even attend your first yoga class, cooking class or get cracking on basic samba dancing!

3. Volunteer And Spread Some Love

There, there. Quit moping around even if you’re single because life has so much more to offer. Why not take the opportunity to volunteer and spread some love to those in our community?

I’m all for the idea because I am pretty sure our little gesture would make these beneficiaries and in turn, ourselves, really happy.

4. Have A Potluck Dinner With Your BFFs

It never hurts to flock to one of your BFF’s places to have a potluck dinner with the rest of your squad, right? Not only will you get to feast in great company, you get to catch up with your best pals in your most unguarded, happy self. I’d say bring it on!

If you’re too lazy to cook or bake, then perhaps you could consider ordering some take-out. Here are 10 non-fast-food deliveries in Singapore that you’ll fancy.

All you have to do is set the table with a pretty tablecloth, use some beautiful plates and crockery and light some candles to make your dinner extra special!

5. Explore Another Neighbourhood Aside From Your Own

Now, this is interesting. Hop onto a bus and whisk yourself away on an exploration adventure within Singapore.

Granted that Singapore is small but I am positive many of us haven’t even ventured to most places on our little island. Take this opportunity to wander and discover, you’ll never know what gems are out there.

Remember to bring your trusty camera and make sure your GPS is turned on! You do not want to, literally, get lost in wonderment.


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