Anxiety is an insidious and multi-faceted monster: It could take the form of feeling jittery and on edge the night before a deadline or important meeting. Or it could be more severe, where you feel like getting through the day (not to mention the workday) is almost impossible to contemplate.

Before throwing in the towel, read these anxiety-alleviating tips and see a therapist if you need to; there’s no shame in admitting you need help. Good luck, and keep your chin up!

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Don’t Suppress It

The first step in dealing with any problem in life is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Don’t try to ignore it in the hope that it’ll just magically disappear. Accept the situation you’re mired in, and then think about how you’re going to overcome it. This way, you’re taking control of your emotions, instead of allowing them to dominate your day.

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Keep Yourself Busy

Your anxiety is not going to automatically disappear the second you step out of the office door. While being home and trying to relax is a good way to deal with it, it’s also not very useful if you’re spending all your free time ‘consciously’ trying to relax. It’ll be easier if you stay occupied with stuff you enjoy doing after work hours so that you’ll be ‘living’ your life instead of letting anxiety affect your non-work hours, too. When you’re kept busy (within limits, of course), you won’t have time to think about anything that’s making you anxious at work.



Make a List

It can seem overwhelming when you think about the mountain of work on hand, but when you list it all down on a piece of paper, then slowly tick them off as you go about your day, you’ll find that it’s actually not as difficult to deal with. Take baby steps throughout your day, instead of facing it as a solid nine-to-five block.

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Don’t Shut Others Out

Try to find a colleague you can share your thoughts with so that you always have someone looking out for you in the office. It’ll also give you someone in the same workspace who might be able to understand what you’re going through, unlike your friends and family who might not have the full idea of what you do at work (although it’s good to share with them your work woes, too). But don’t find someone to bitch with – discussing how so-and-so looks like she’s had a nose job is petty and won’t help with your anxiety issues.


Just Breathe

One of the best – and easiest – ways to feel relaxed is to pay attention to your breathing. When you feel like you’re about to lose it, drop everything on hand and take deep breaths, focusing on breathing in and out and nothing else. If you’re open to meditation or exercises such as tai chi or yoga, sign up for classes after work and they’ll help to relax both your mind and body.