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It can sometimes be difficult to negotiate the office – and the politics and stresses that come with it. If you’re wondering why you always get looked over when promotions are given out, here are some tips to getting one the next round.

1. Look Happy

No boss likes a dour employee so smile – even if you sometimes have to fake it. If you really are miserable at work, it’s time to resign. But if you love your job and want that promotion, show how happy you are at work. Your boss is more likely to give you more responsibilities if she sees that you’re enjoying what you’re doing. And, while you’re at it, look and act professional too. 

2. Be Proactive

Having initiative goes a long way in impressing your seniors. Come up with ideas and solutions often and offer to take on extra tasks. Put your hand up to work late if something urgent pops up. You can also be proactive in asking for a promotion – set up a meeting with your boss and impress her by telling her about all the successes you’ve had, however small.

3. No Drama, Please

If you’re known as the office gossip or if you’re the type who brings her personal problems to work and often breaks down as a result, you need to get that out of your system. Or if you’re constantly complaining about every single thing in the office (the air-conditioning’s too cold, there’s not enough light, you don’t like the brand of coffee etc), it’s time to concentrate on your work instead. 

4. Pay Attention

Whether it’s how your boss likes her coffee or the deadline of that important campaign, you have to be on the ball, all the time, as this creates a positive impression on your boss. If she has to constantly repeat herself or keep reminding you about things, she’s not going to want to trust you with more responsibilities. 

5. Suck Up

You don’t have to agree with everything your boss says and constantly compliment her, just remember what she likes and do her bidding – and do it with a smile (unless it’s something unreasonable and unprofessional, of course). But don’t be a doormat and let her walk all over you either. And, while you’re at it, mingle with your colleagues too. Attend events (eg. office parties) and don’t isolate yourself from others. No boss likes a loner and teamwork is always a good thing – work-wise and socially too. 

6. Do Your Job

It sounds simple but that’s what it ultimately boils down to. If you’re not worth a promotion, you’re not going to be rewarded with one. 

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