Image: Showbit

You know how sometimes you’re at your desk and you just can’t seem to get going? Whether it’s a report you have to write, numbers you have to crunch or just daily work duties you have to deal with, it’s hard to find motivation at times. Everybody goes through this but some just know how to get through the rut better. Here are five ways to give yourself a much-needed perk up.

1. Log Off

The internet – especially social media – can be very distracting, and even more so in the workplace. Put your phone away and don’t even look at it unless it rings – and only take the call if it’s a work-related one. Turning the wifi off is a great idea but if you need it for work, make sure that only the tabs you need for the task you’re doing are open on your laptop. Don’t get distracted by anything else on the world wide web until you’ve completed your task.

2. Break It Down

The job at hand might seen daunting but if you divide it into smaller tasks, you’ll find that it’s easier to get to the finish line. Hills are easier to conquer than mountains after all so separate the job into little bits of work that will then fit together to make up the (finished) task at hand. 

3. Move It

If you can afford the time to get away from work for a bit, go for a run or to the gym and work up a sweat. But if you have to stay in the office, go for a 10-minute walk around the building to recharge your batteries and get the juices flowing. Sitting at your desk when you have no motivation only makes it worse.

4. Change Is Good

Work somewhere else for a change of environment. Go to a nearby cafe, the local library or to a park with your laptop and work from there for a while. Not only will it get you away from the confines of the office and the distractions that come with it (gossipy colleagues, anyone?), it also gives you a change of scenery which helps to motivate you. 

5. Time It

If you find it hard to work at a long stretch of a few hours at a time, work in smaller time frames of an hour or even half an hour. And, at the end of each period, keep a tally of what you’ve achieved and you’ll soon see that you’re getting there – slowly but surely.


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