How many of us feel like we’re stuck in a rote job that is meaningless, joyless, and doesn’t engage with our passion or real interests? Take a step back and consider if the job you’re in right now is the job you really want.

Chinese astrology, or BaZi, can help you work out whether or not you’re in the right job. Your BaZi Profile is a useful starting point from which to analyse your career path, as your Profile reveals your ‘style’ in life – it’s about the different roles you perform when you go out into the world and enter into relationships, or engage with others, or how you manifest your actions in what you do for a living. Let’s see if you can find yourself in any of the following ten BaZi profiles.

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Your style of work involves strategy and hands-on activity. However, it is hard for you trust others easily. As such, you will generally tend to do well in job roles that require you to provide solutions, or run the ship – such a managerial role. You also thrive in civil service and law, and the military. In terms of leadership, you’ll also feel comfortable as life coaches and trainers, or for business and sports.

Your style of work tends to revolve around support and nurturance, which is what you provide in spades for others. You find the middle ground among disparate people and factions, as befits your ‘diplomat’ name, and smooth things over. You will be good in the role of a middle manager, or that of a counsellor or therapist. Your nurturing side also finds fulfilment in medicine – whether as a doctor or nurse.

Your style of work involves analysis. You work hard at comprehending and understanding systems, facts, ideas, and numbers. You invest in the knowledge you learn, and create and engineer organisational systems. You’re good with numbers, so you’ll be comfortable as financial analysts, advisors, investors, or fund managers. Economics will also suit you well.

Your style of work tends to focus on ideas and strategies. You have a unique vision and way of thinking, and you will feel stifled if you’re not allowed to be creative. You’re also very independent and curious, and routine jobs will suppress your inclination. As such, you’ll be happy indulging your creativity in the arts, or working in research that is unique and ground-breaking.

Your style of work flashy, exuberant, and creative. You like to be the star, which can be pretty exhausting for others, but at the same time you can inspire and energise the people around you. As such, you’ll do well as educators or consultants, for example in advertising, marketing, or branding. You will also thrive as designers – interior, or clothing, and as motivational speakers.

Your style of work also favours the creative and the non-routine, but in a quieter, more introspective way. You’re not interested in being the star. You are likely to work in arts fields as writers, critics, journalists, or in other ways like a gallery or museum curator. As such, you’ll also enjoy immersing yourself in books and knowledge and may find a good life in academia and scholarship.

It goes without saying that your style of work involves taking the lead. You have a lot of initiative and like to be at the forefront, and dislike being at the backend following instructions. You like building connections, and working with people, in teams, is when you thrive. So being brand consultants or leaders, as well as CEOs, suit your temperament.

Your work style involves connection and engagement. You are good at persuading and negotiating, and like being in the middle of things as opposed to on the outside. As such, you’re good in the job of consultants and advisors, or in sales positions that require you to win people over. You can also thrive as top-level management because you know how to harness the proper resources to the proper people and talent.

Your work style involves taking authority and creating action. You’re a livewire of energy and are quick-thinking and fast in solving problems and finding solutions. As such, you’re a visionary leader who makes decisions and whom others turn to, so you thrive in leadership, managerial positions. You’re a risk-taker, and so you will do well in entrepreneurship where you think up ideas from scratch.

Your work style involves bringing organisation, structure, and order to chaos. You are principled and ethical, and committed to taking the high road. You also adhere to discipline, are committed to seeing things through till the end, and are good at managing finances. You will also be fulfilled in law and as public officials, or even as religious authorities if spirituality is strong part of your foundation.

With the guidelines above, you can assess where you are in your career right now and see if it matches with your Profile. Of course, for a detailed, thorough assessment of your specific unique talents and capabilities as seen in your BaZi chart, visit to analyse your chart on your own. It could help you make an initial assessment of your career path and help you to move in the right direction.

Joey Yap is the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics – an education institution for Feng Shui, BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Mian Xiang, Yi Jing, Date Selection and Face Reading. He is the best-selling author of over 162 book titles published in 7 different languages worldwide and engages with students in more than 37 countries. As a world leading authority in Chinese Metaphysics for nearly two decades he has conducted professional consultations for a wide range of clientele from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany and all of Southeast Asia. Log on to to know more!

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