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Not everyone has the chance to work in their dream job and sometimes you have to endure long enough in a less-than-perfect position to rise up the corporate ladder.

But after time, some jobs may not be worth the long hours you are putting in or the negative impacts it has on your health and well-being. Perhaps it’s time to start looking for another job.

How do you know when to switch jobs? Here are Business Insider’s 10 key signs you should quit your job and move on.

1. You feel like your job is pointless
Whether you’ve entered a spiral of negativity, or your tasks are truly of a mundane nature, you can’t seem to see the big picture, or how your tasks make an impact to the company.

2. You lack passion
Every task you do is not done to your best ability as you normally would, because you can’t seem to muster the interest and passion to do so.

3. You can’t get to the end of your to-do list
And this is simply because your motivation and your will to do so has been sucked out of you.

4. Your responsibilities are expanding, but not your pay
Even if you are motivated enough to take on more for experience’s sake, you somehow feel unappreciated, and almost like you’re settling for less. Yes, your responsibilities have increased, which means the management’s trust in you has too. But somehow, this has been conveniently overlooked in your increment.

5. You don’t have time to yourself
You scoff at the idea of workaholics, but at the same time, you’re seething on the inside because you seem to be turning into one against your will. You find that even when you’re at home, you can’t relax because there are still things that need to be urgently settled.

6. You don’t feel like yourself at your workplace
You are normally (more) energetic and chatty, and are participative in meetings with lots of ideas and suggestions to share. But lately, your colleagues are surprised to see you for lunch, as no one seems to notice that you’re even there.

7. You constantly dream about being anywhere else but work
Anywhere, anywhere, is better than being at your desk in the office. Even a shabby bus stop in the middle of nowhere works for you.

8. Your physical health is taking a toll from work stress
You’re normally problem-free when it comes to health issues, but recently you’ve been getting anxiety attacks, headaches, unexplained body pains, and spiralling into depression. This is a major sign that you should rethink your current job.

9. You’re not using your best assets at work
Your strengths and skills are not being pushed like you want them to be, or they once were. And this is either because your job scope has evolved and doesn’t entail you to use them anymore, or you simply are demotivated and do not see the point of wasting your efforts.

10. You’re constantly bored
You don’t feel challenged at work, not even mildly or occasionally. You look forward to your after-work activities every day as they are more mentally stimulating and rewarding to you.

11. You’re no longer learning
If you find yourself getting bored at work because you have stopped picking up anything new, you may have hit a dead end at your job. Time to switch to one that is better worth your efforts.

12. Your skills aren’t being tapped
If you find that you are overqualified for your job, try looking out for opportunities for growth within your company. If nothing pops up, it may be time to source elsewhere for better prospects.

13. You hate the work
Some jobs require you to deal with unpleasant tasks to advance in the corporate ladder; others are just bad fits. An easy way to differentiate between the two is to look at your supervisor’s boss – if that’s your dream job, then you are on the right track.

14. You don’t fit into your company’s culture
If you still feel like an outcast at your company after six months or so, you should probably look for a job that suits your character and values better.

15. You have a terrible boss
Some bosses can be a bully, arrogant, or a poor team manager. But he or she may not be worth putting up with if your boss’ flaws affect your productivity and happiness at work.

16. Your company is in a downward spiral
Is your company facing financial difficulties or an upcoming merger that threatens your department? Then it’s probably time to find new work – there is no reason to go down with a sinking ship.

17. Your health is affected by stress and anxiety
Health is wealth. If stress and anxiety from work are giving you excruciating body aches, anxiety attacks or leaving you in a general state of melancholy, changing jobs might be better for you in the long term.

18. Your personal relationships are suffering because of your job
When putting in long hours at work is causing you to drift apart from family and friends, you may want to weigh the costs of your job.

19. Your duties have increased but your pay hasn’t
An increase in workload without a pay raise may sometimes be due to downsizing. But if management is simply taking advantage of you, it might be time to look for a job that compensates you fairly.

20. You wake up dreading the day
If you wake up every morning dreading work, try to pinpoint the reason and talk it out with your boss. And if, in the end, you find there is no way to escape misery at your job, then life is just too short – it’s time to call it quits.


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