The results of a job survey were recently released and revealed that – surprise, surprise – Singapore’s workforce is the unhappiest among her Asian counterparts.’s Regional Job Happiness Index declared that the Philippines ranked first, with Singapore taking the seventh – and last – place. The countries in between are, in order of ranking, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia. The survey was conducted in June 2016 with 67,764 participants, across seven countries. But how do the results stack up against the thoughts of women we polled?

Survey said: The most important factors that contribute to job happiness are convenient work location, having good colleagues and company reputation.

Our interviewees said:

“It’s important to not work anywhere ‘ulu’ because the commute in our weather can be very taxing. However, with train stations popping up everywhere now, it’s easy to get to practically anywhere in Singapore.” – Joanne, 32, in banking 

“I feel it’s very important to work well with your colleagues. The team that you work with can both make or break your day and also your career.” – Ruby, 27, events co-ordinator

“Salary and job perks are most important for me. It’s nice to work with pleasant people but I wouldn’t mind having to deal with difficult personalities if I was paid well.” – Pei Pei, 32, PR manager 

“Working hours are very important. I work late if I have to but it’s best to work for a company that offers a good work-life balance.” – Doris, 26, in finance

Survey said: The top three unhappiness factors are poor leadership, lack of training and lack of development opportunities

Our interviewees said:

“I love to work for superiors who are willing and able to teach me things. If I find I’m not learning anything to help me progress in my career, I would leave the job.” – Sophie, 33, in publishing

“I look at every job as a stepping stone to something better and I make sure I learn new skills at each of them.” – Vanessa, 35, accountant

“I left a job because I couldn’t stand my boss. It gets very stressful when you don’t get along with your superior so that would be the thing that would make me most unhappy.” – Rashida, 30, communications manager

“A bad boss equals unhappy work life so that’s my top ‘unhappiness factor’.” – Su-Ann, 35, in advertising

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