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Achieving your life’s goal can become a distant dream when you’re bogged down by a ton of work and responsibilities. We listed the top three reasons behind your #newyearresolutionfails, and co-founders of Maiko, Sophia and Nadia Chan, tell us how they founded their dream company despite coming from different backgrounds.

Before setting up the company, Sophia was working as an occupational therapist after attaining her Masters in Occupational Therapy, while Nadia was a marketeer for an IT-reseller. 

In 2017, the siblings co-founded Maiko, Singapore’s sole distributor for organic Australian beauty brand CANVAS, when they wanted to share their love for natural beauty products with others. 

Achieving their goal took awhile for the sisters. So here are some tips from the enterprising duo:

You’re suddenly faced with multiple “life responsibilities”.

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“Well, take a break then. There’s no wrong in taking a bit more time to work towards your goals. You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling tired because having a goal doesn’t mean working on it 24/7,” says Sophia.

“Taking a short break from work will change your perspective. Outside of Maiko, I am a practising occupational therapist. There have been challenging moments but I never thought of giving up either one of my passions. So when I get tired, I take a break from these self-imposed responsibilities.”

You’re stuck in a rut.


We’ve all felt lost at a certain point in our life. But there are two kinds of people who feel lost: Some don’t know what they want, and some think they’re doing what they love but just don’t feel happy.

“Re-organising your thoughts will help you break out of a bad season. I think I knew I wanted my own business from a very young age,” Nadia shares. “But I just wasn’t clear on what industry I wanted to work in. Plus, I was never really interested in skin care until I got to know more about it through my sister. That was when it all clicked.”

While Sophia had introduced her sister to the beauty industry, she had been facing a different set of problems when it came to working towards her own success – she had no goal in mind and only knew what she didn’t want to do. “In my early 20s, I felt pretty lost. I had just finished my Biomedical Science degree and didn’t want to work in a lab,” she shares. 

So she followed her love for service and became an occupational therapist. But knowing what she really wanted came later, when she discovered the benefits of natural skin care. “I realised that helping others fulfills me and it’s not just when I’m giving therapy,” she relates. “Helping women feel confident and get great skin was something that I truly resonated with.”

You’re failing at everything you tried and you’re ready to abandon hope


That’s code red. Something’s not right and you need to find the root of the problem. According to Sophia and Nadia, here’s what you should do:

1. Check yourself. For example, if you have low tolerance for failure, entrepreneurship will not be your cup of tea.

2. Goals have to be nurtured over time. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

3. Are you in it for the money or the passion. Reaping financial benefits will only give you short-term happiness. Having passion will push you to take risks for your company and bring it to a larger playing field.

4. How much time are you willing to spare? It’s not a side gig. You need to spend adequate time working on your goals.