Let’s face it. Winning was never going to be easy. So we got these girlbosses to tell us how they crush their goals at work and in life.


1. Take on the toughest task first

It’s the philosophy concert violinist Siow Lee Chin lives by. The first thing she does each morning? Practise. And if you thought it’s just about being disciplined, hold up. Lee Chin, one of the speakers at a recent conference organised by the women’s arm of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has a little Jedi mind trick she uses.“

What helps me overcome [the] resistance [to get started] is to trick the brain into thinking that I’m only going to practise for a small fraction of time – say 10 minutes. I tell myself it’s the same amount of time I’d take to watch a Youtube video. And I just do it. Once I get over that hump, I easily end up playing for more than an hour.”


2. Set a timer for everything

Meander through tasks and you’ll only end up distracted. So don’t. For Noni Purnomo, chief of Blue Bird Group – Indonesia’s largest taxi company – forcing herself to concentrate for a fixed time helps her to get stuff done. “If I need to go through a report, I put my phone away and dedicate time to the single task.” In fact, she takes this so seriously that she sets a timer for doing her makeup in the morning – no more than 12 minutes.


3. Eyes on the prize

Stay super focused. It’s easy to get complacent and slack off after a small victory, or feel discouraged after a setback. Don’t, says Ong Chih Ching, chief of property development and hospitality group KOP. “Whether it’s praise or critique, take it in your stride – nothing is worth getting upset over, or even celebrating until the final fruition [of your goals].” So be patient, and keep going until you hit your target.


4. Slay your weaknesses

Recognise what’s holding you back from achieving your goals. Then slay them. For Noni – who lacked self-confidence – joining a drama club really drew her out of her shell. This has carried her through challenging situations, like handling riots among taxi drivers in Batam. To grow your confidence, Noni suggests picking up a sport – which also encourages persistence and perseverance.


This article was first published in the May 2017 issue of Her World magazine.