It’s no secret that most working adults spend a good majority of their daily lives at the workplace. For a lot of us, this means the office space – which in many instances is more likely than not to be a cubicle or a prescribed space within a larger area that is to be shared by many other people. We know how difficult it is to make changes to an office space – mainly because space is so limited, and significantly because the space is meant to be shared.

You can’t, if you so pleased, take your table and move it to a particularly ideal spot near the window, if that’s what you want. There are many factors to take into consideration, and you will have a limited repertoire of choices to work with. But with a little ingenuity, you can apply some methods of Classical Feng Shui to improve your immediate surroundings or make the space more conducive for you in terms of generating good Qi or energy.

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There are some simple things you can do, like ensuring that there are no sharp edges heading in from the outside, angled at a window near your seat or cubicle, particularly if the window is behind you. See if there is a straight road heading directly at the window, or if there is stagnant or dirty water just outside the window. These negative structures are basic negative features you will want to avoid not just for your office space but for general living.

There are a variety of star combinations in Xuan Kong Flying Stars that can help you tap into the energies needed to fulfil a particular job requirement or function. For instance, tapping into the 4-1 combination will be useful if you’re in marketing or sales.

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It will also be important for you to see if your cubicle or seating position is in line with your individual favourable Facing Direction. Facing your favourable Facing Direction will help you maximise your own potential instead of relying on a more general Feng Shui approach.

You would also have to take note of annual and monthly stars that will influence the Qi at your particular workspace. Therefore, you can see what you can minimise depending on what star is active in the sector you’re sitting in, and what you can do to capitalise on the energy present.

Remember, there’s always good and bad in everything. Take for example, if the #3 Star is in your sector for the month, you would do well to be aware that it brings about frequent arguments and misunderstandings. Knowing this, you would be able to anticipate awkward or tense moments with colleagues and adapt well in your approach to facing potential disagreements.

Small, subtle changes are at the heart of Feng Shui, and with the proper arsenal of information and tools, you would be able to practice some useful forms of Feng Shui at the workplace for better energy and productivity. Visit for more quick tips but don’t forget that attitude, capabilities, and hard work count for a lot too!

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