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For some of you, Sunday nights and Monday mornings are quite possibly the worst days of the week; it’s not just knowing that your weekend has come to an end but also the dread that comes with the start of yet another work week. And let’s not even think about all those early mornings…

While we can think of a fashion cheat sheet and tips to get the prettiest brows stat to solve our morning woes, the fact is that sometimes, the problem lies with the actual work that you do.

Or it could lie with you too. So will taking up that new offer really make you happier? Well. That depends.


Are you in it for the money?

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Given that your salary is the material indicator of how much your company treasures you and the work you do, it therefore makes sense that it’s what motivates Singaporeans the most. We are a pragmatic bunch of people, after all.

So if it’s true that you’re not getting paid enough, then a job change with a corresponding pay increment will of course make you happier.

If you needed any help, by the way, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you negotiate your way to a better pay at your next job interview.

However, that only works if the sole problem you had with your job was the low pay. Sometimes, your salary is the final, tipping point to the underlying issues, which brings us to our next point.


Are you in it for the career growth?


Your pay is just one of the many ways your employers recognise effort; for those of you who have been eyeing a promotion for some time now, you’ll be well-aware of the fact that career development is just as important.

According to a survey conducted by the recruiting firm Hays last year, 36 per cent of Singaporeans choose to seek new job opportunities because of the lack of career progression at their current one.

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Unless you’ve reached the highest rung on your career ladder (you go, girl!), one thing that will add to your job satisfaction is knowing that your employers are aware of your contributions to the company.

So the big question: Will finding a new job bring you more happiness?

Sure, but only if a company offers you a position you’ve been keen on, or if you receive an offer that promises better opportunities than you see with your current employers.

This is especially important if opportunities are looking steadily flat at your current job. Just be sure to check that you’re not accidentally sabotaging your chances of a promotion!


Is it about the culture of the company?



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Sometimes, even the big bucks and the fancy title just don’t cut it.

You might be a competitive person who thrives off a fast-moving environment or someone who prefers a smaller and cosier company.

Either way, if your company is one to demand late nights and early mornings, looking for a new job offer might be key to having a higher job satisfaction – the same survey’s results reported that 60 per cent of Singaporeans view work-life balance as the main factor to staying in a job.

However, keep in mind that many Singaporeans work long hours (and they affect us in more ways than just draining our spirits), so be sure to research on the company you plan on joining – for the sake of your sanity.

In the meantime, use our tips for a happier work-life balance to tide you over.


Is it about your growth as an individual?



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Look, we get it. Ideally, we’d all be paid to just exist (being a boss woman is tough, alright?). We’d breeze into the office, fire off emails, check the spreadsheets that are, coincidentally, perfectly balanced and then promptly make our way home.

But welcome to reality where just sitting at your office desk doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled. Overcoming problems and doing meaningful work is what keeps us all going; breezing through life and our jobs would be far too boring.

If you’ve been looking to change jobs because you’re not being challenged, stop to think: Can you do something about it?

Sometimes, being proactive and just asking for more on your empty desk is all that it takes.

However, if there’s nothing you can do, that might explain your boredom and frustration with work. Whether it’s because you’re not being challenged enough intellectually or you’re not finding the work you do meaningful, you might be due for a change in course.


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It might be time for you to sit and consider if the industry you’re in is truly one you still want to be in (it might be time for a whole new adventure!) or whether you’ve simply outgrown your company.  Things like that happen, so it might be time to talk to your higher-ups about it for more informed decision making.