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If thoughts on advancing your career have been floating in your head for some time already, have you done something about it since Singapore has such a competitive workforce? Well, with workplace stress and long dreary working hours to tackle day in day out, it is difficult to even want to do more regarding the advancement our careers.

1. Always Take Initiative

This is a no-brainer. You need to be a go-getter if you’re out to achieve something you want – in this case a promotion at your workplace. You need to take the initiative to do more than is expected of you and excel at that as a matter of fact. Prove that you are capable and you can take on challenges.

Take the initiative to learn the skills needed to advance your career on your own accord in your free time. As much as we’re all squeezed for time, if we want something real badly, we’ll find means and ways to make time for it no matter what.

Here you can find 10 free online classes to help you take your smartness up a notch (or two)!

2. Never Stop Learning

Learning is a lifelong process that never has to stop regardless whether you’re seven or seventy years old. As long as you stay flexible and are willing to make learning a lifetime pursuit that is worth every cent and and every useful minute of your life, you’re pretty much good to go.

Picking up new skills and/or enhancing your skills are great ways to show your bosses that you care about developing yourself and growing, equipping yourself with skills that are relevant for the rapidly changing world and workforce. If you aren’t open to learning, you risk being unable to keep up with the times hence gradually become more and more obsolete.

And even if things don’t work out the way you want them to even after enrolling yourself in multiple courses, don’t feel bad. Move on and who knows you’ll land another job that requires all those newfound skills that you just equipped yourself with!

3. Fake Confidence To Triumph Over Self-Doubt

Once in a while, we all have the tendency to second-guess ourselves when faced with overwhelmingly challenging tasks at work. Self-doubt is inevitable but it grows so rapidly – before we even realize it, self-doubt has already eaten us up.

In times of crises when you’re suffering from an obvious lack of confidence (i.e. when you question yourself about your ability to handle the task at hands and become completely negative), try faking confidence. Fake it till you make it, that is. Try tricking your mind into believing that you can make it and you will, eventually.

Anyhow, it helps to also shower yourself with lots of trust. Somebody has chucked you challenging tasks because that someone believes in you! So, you have to believe in yourself, too.

4. Network Even When You Don’t Need/Want A New Job

Nobody says you have to be logged into LinkedIn like you would on Instagram or Facebook round the clock but it is always good to ensure that you have a well-developed professional network established.

Not only can a solid professional network provide you with insights related to your career or industry, it also presents you opportunities for jobs, for friendships, for referrals so on and so forth.

Networking may not be the easiest thing to do, just like how it isn’t the case for me since I’m quite an introvert, but it’s a great way to expand your network and keep in touch with people who may give you a leg-up someday. Remember, never burn bridges because the world is small when you least want it to be.

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