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“An ex-colleague of mine really hated our boss because he was always bad-mouthing her to other people. On her last day of work, she wanted to send a goodbye e-mail, but realised she’d been logged out of the system. So she sent our boss an SMS – forwarding it to all our colleagues and some clients – calling him all kinds of names. She also said he was the most useless ************ she’d ever worked for.” – Shanti*, 26, banker

“I was working with a team of nine people. Last June, we’d only achieved five per cent of our sales targets, so our boss promised us all promotions if we hit 100 per cent. We worked our butts off and met that goal by December – but she was the only one who got promoted! Infuriated, we all decided to quit, and because they had no time to hire or re-train staff, they had to shut that sales office down.” – Siew Ping*, 28, sales consultant

“About four years ago, I heard about a girl who was working in an advertising agency. She couldn’t stand her supervisor, and even though she was much younger than him, she plotted to seduce him. After she slept with him, she told his wife what happened, then texted him to say ‘I quit!’” – Jill*, 32, writer

 “I overheard a manager quarrelling with our boss. She’d had it with the long hours and bad management decisions. After the especially heated argument, she slammed the door loudly, went back to her computer, and deleted all the projects she was working on. The boss was a coward and tried to get someone to stop her, with no success. The manager then demanded her final pay cheque before storming off. But it turns out she had backed up her work, which she later passed on to us.” – Lucy*, 30, interior designer

*Not their real names


This story was first published in the November 2010 issue of Her World.