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If you commute via public transport in Singapore, you would have noticed how smartphones have taken over our world, making them truly indispensable. Well, with the exception of old grannies and grandpas of course.

Nobody goes anywhere without their phones these days but besides crushing candies and clashing titans, there are plenty of apps available that can help make our lives more organized and productive!

If you find that you’ve been putting in way too many extra hours at work just trying to get things done, perhaps all you need is simply a handful of ingenious apps to get your life back on track. Many of these amazing apps are free, too.

Here are some of the best apps we at reckon will help you become more productive. Enjoy!

Best Apps For Storing Files Online

If you’re still storing your files in pen-drives for the most part, maybe it’s time you hop onto the online storage bandwagon. Google Drive and Dropbox are your best bets.

Dropbox makes itself at home on your desktop as a virtual folder where you can simply drag and drop files. With the app downloaded onto your devices, your files will be synced and they’ll appear there fine and dandy. In addition, you have the option to store files in a public folder and share them via a simple download link!

Google Drive is amazing. This online productivity suite is nicely integrated with the rest of the Google ecosystem and can be accessed with any device so long as it’s connected to the internet. You can store any file you want on Google Drive – photos, stories, designs, presentation slides, documents, sheets, recordings, videos and what have you.

Also, you can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate with just a few clicks without the hassle of email attachments. Everything is saved real time!

Best Apps To Take Notes On The Cloud

Evernote is your online notebook for anything and everything. It allows users to take and upload notes, audio, pictures and even video snippets prior to organizing them into cloud notebooks. These notebooks can be synced across various devices, making them extra handy wherever you may be.

Letterspace is a beautifully designed note-taking app that packs a punch. It does what it says exceedingly well and boasts an interface that is incredibly responsive. Swipe to move cursor, tap to toggle to-do list, organize with #hashtags, it supports full-text search and syncs with iCloud.

Vesper is hands down the most elegant way to record your thoughts. This note-taking app takes quite a bit of hassle out of organizing your thoughts, allowing you to easily tag each entry like you would a traditional blog post.

That particular attribute allows users to search for a specific thought by keyword, on top of the fact that all your notes will be synced to your Vesper account. With Vesper, you can collect your thoughts and group them akin to a playlist, slide to archive, attach photographs and prioritize with a simple drag-and-hold motion.

Best Apps For Organizing All Your Emails In One Clever Platform

Microsoft Outlook is purportedly one of the best mobile email apps around. This killer email app allows you to be leaps and bounds more productive while on the go. It connects your email accounts from all major email providers and comes with an integrated calendar that helps you schedule your days in a pinch!

Plus, you can view and attach files from email, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box in addition to the very handy swipe feature that allows you to delete, archive or schedule emails to return to your inbox at a later time.

Best App For Communicating With Your Team The Revolutionary Way

Slack is a fantastic way to communicate with your team at work sans sifting through millions of emails. It is somewhat like Skype but its interface is way cooler and it has more to offer. With Slack, you can use the chat room to slack (yes, I’m using it as a verb here) your team mates, tag users and create multiple channels for team projects that are smaller scale.

Best App For Saving Articles For Later Viewing

Pocket is a godsend for those who like reading things online. Whether it is this morning’s breaking news or one of those Thought Catalog posts, you can save articles, pictures and even videos for later viewing with just a click!

You can also discover and recommend the stories that matter to you, too. There are different ways to Pocket but once they are pocketed, you can view them on your devices on the go – no internet connection required.

Best App For Customizing Your Keyboard

SwiftKey allows users to customize and upgrade their keyboard to one that uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn their writing style, including the way they type, the emojis they use, and the words that matter to them. All of these help make autocorrect actually work sans the inevitable frustration that comes with traditional keyboards.

With a keyboard that creepily knows you and your writing style, you can be sure that you’ll be typing quicker without compromising on all your typical vocabulary quirks that make you, you.

Best App For Sketching Virtually

Paper by FiftyThree is a boon for those who possess a creative flair and love all things visual. Paper allows its users to sketch anything under the sun, take notes, create diagrams, draw on photos and put everything together! Keeping these organized will help users visually see and make connections otherwise impossible with mundane siloed lists.

Paper is literally the beautiful blank canvas on the go – perfect for documenting any inspiration at the very moment when it strikes. Paper’s swipe-to-style formatting makes creating checklists and notes faster and more fun, while its unique visual notes are designed to help you get your point across quickly and precisely. Users also get to share their ideas any way they want to, including PDFs, Keynote and PowerPoint presentations.

*All apps are free as of 8 February 2016 with the exception of Letterspace (S$6.98 on iTunes) and Vesper (S$14.98 on iTunes).


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