Whether you’re a business owner or a receptionist, it’s important to appear professional at all times. And there might be some things you’re doing – knowingly or unknowingly – that are ruining your professional image. Here’s a rundown of some habits that you should stop right now, for the sake of your career.

7 bad habits that make you look really unprofessional at work DECOR

It’s okay to want to make your friends and family happy but, in a professional situation, it’s a no-no. So if you work with different departments and each of them wants different things concerning a particular project, don’t say yes to everyone (because that would make getting the job done impossible). Take a stand a stick with it; that’s what professional people do.

Many of us take personal calls at our desks but if you’re doing this every day, and for long periods of time, you need to stop. It’s disruptive to others and shows that you have way too much time on your hands.

7 bad habits that make you look really unprofessional at work ALARM

Whether it’s an important business meeting or just going into the office every day, always be on time. If you’re perpetually late, not only does it prove that you have no concept of time, it also shows that you have no respect for the other person’s time. It’s also simply rude, in a professional situation.

If your sentences are constantly punctuated with f-bombs and the like, nobody’s going to take you seriously. So whether you’re swearing in English, Hokkein, Malay or any other language, never do it when you’re in a professional situation.

It’s okay to compliment the new guy in Accounts on his taste in shirts but if you’re constantly flirting with your colleagues, you’re going beyond professional boundaries. And what’s even worse than flirting? Flirting in the hope of career advancement.

If you’re late with replying emails or always have to look through tons of notes before answering questions in meetings, it’s pretty clear you need to get organised. Especially if your job involves meeting clients, you need to show them that you know what’s going on, all the time. Because if they can’t trust you to get your own life together, they’re not going to trust you with their professional matters.

This should be straightforward but many women still get it wrong. Make an effort when you’re dressing for work, especially when attending important meetings – looking professional is half the battle won. If you always look dishevelled or constantly have your cleavage on show, nobody’s going to be taking your professional capabilities seriously.

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