6 ways to relax at work

Image: 123RF

A stressful day at the office can take a toll on your mind and health. If you find that your deadlines are piling up and you can’t seem to keep your mind on the task at hand, it is probably the stress getting in the way of your job performance. Sometimes all you need is a quick break to recharge and refocus your mind. Here are six ways you can relax in five minutes or less!

#1 Make some tea
There’s nothing better than a cup of hot calming tea on a busy day in a cold office. Try something like green tea which contains a particular amino acid that helps your mind relax so deal with stress better. 

#2 Go for a walk
Just stepping away from your desk for a minute can help you relax, whether you’re going to the pantry or better yet stepping outside for some fresh air. Take a walk around the building or just have a stretch. Getting up occasionally is good for your health too!

#3 Take a social media break
Giving yourself a minute or five to scroll through your social media feeds and watch some cute animal videos is a good way of taking a breather from work. There’s no shame, we promise.

#4 Have a conversation
Sometimes a stressful environment can result in negative energy all around. Something as simple as socialising with colleagues helps take your mind off things, as long as you discuss topics that aren’t work related!

#5 Put on your favourite song
When all seems insurmountable, break out the headphones and put on your favourite song! Close your eyes and just indulge for a few minutes. It might even help break you out of a bad creative rut. 

#6 Try aromatherapy
Essential oils like lavender are great for helping relieve stress. I find keeping a small bottle handy and occasionally dabbing a drop on your wrists, rubbing them together and inhaling the scent can put your mind and body at ease.