3 ways to gain more confidence in the workplace

Image: Showbit.com

Caught in a conversation with your colleague or boss, and you’re not sure how you should reply? Follow these tips to look and sound confident about the point you’re trying to put across:

#1 Make eye contact and smile to show you’re enjoying the conversation.

#2 Keep your hand gestures within the “power zone” – vertically from the shoulders to the waist, and horizontally across the shoulders – to appear poised and dignified.

#3 Stand tall with your feet close together and toes pointed slightly outwards, one foot in front of the other.

Expert sources: Kenneth Kwan, a motivational speaker; Daisy Teh, founder of and principal consultant at Margaret Stanley Language Consultancy, which coaches people in business communication; and Ernest Chen, club mentor at Toastmasters Club of Singapore. 

This story was first published in Her World Magazine November 2014.

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