Let’s get one thing straight before we get to this…it’s definitely important to have a university degree if you want to be, say, a doctor, an accountant or a nurse. These professions require qualifications that can only be sought at universities, as opposed to at the ‘university of life’. However, if you’re gunning for a carer that isn’t in one of these ‘professional’ roles, your university degree might not be the most important ticket you need for that career ride. 

We don’t have to look far to cite some examples. Even here in Singapore, we have the likes of Charles Wong (of Charles & Keith), Mathilda Koh (founder and CEO of Bioskin) and George Quek (big boss of the Bread Talk group)…all highly successful individuals who made it big despite not having a university degree. Here are a few reasons why that piece of paper isn’t as important as you think. 

reasons why your university degree doesn’t matter anymore DECOR

Your qualifications might help you to get a job but it doesn’t mean that it’ll make you succeed in it. There are many other skills that you’ll need when it comes to being a successful career woman, such as being able to communicate well with others, to adapt to various situations and to react appropriately under different conditions. And all these can’t be taught in a school. 

So you have an impressive degree but have never actually worked in an office environment before. Being in the big (and sometimes nasty) career world is a lot different than any university in the world so if you can survive in a work environment, employers are going to want to hire you more often than not. Interning or freelancing are always good options to get your foot into the working world and, especially these days, there are loads of online courses or training programmes that you can go through in order to pick up any necessary skills.

If you get a university degree then bank on that qualification for the rest of your career, you’re never going to go far. Education should be a life-long activity and you should strive to learn something new on a constant basis. So don’t think that you’ll be set for life just because you have a university degree and that you won’t succeed if you don’t have one. 

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