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They are both indomitable leaders who have made their marks in the male-dominated fields of science and fintech. Through hard work, conviction and talent, these two remarkable individuals have not only placed our metropolis on the world map, they are also inspiring a new generation of women in Singapore and beyond.

Our 2023 Woman of the Year and Young Woman Achiever award winners, Professor Jackie Ying and Caecilia Chu, take us through their individual journeys and recount the highs and lows of their incredible careers.

Her World Woman of the Year 2023: Professor Jackie Ying

Professor Jackie Ying is on a tireless mission to solve real-world problems with revolutionary solutions.

The renowned and internationally-acclaimed scientist is effecting socioeconomic change with her research: Her World’s Woman of the Year 2023 winner, Professor Jackie Ying – founder of A*Star’s NanoBio Lab and co-founder of Cellbae – is in an indefatigable pursuit of ways to improve lives through sectors spanning from biomedical sciences to agritechnology.

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Young Woman Achiever 2023: Caecilia Chu

Caecilia Chu is firing up the region’s fintech industry with her business savvy.

It’s a multi-currency travel wallet that most Singaporeans can’t do without: YouTrip – the brainchild of CEO and co-founder Caecilia Chu – is a leading mobile fintech platform that has transformed overseas spending with its products. Learning from failure, says Her World’s Young Woman Achiever, is her secret to success.

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