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When you are chained to your desk, your fingers might be the only part of your body that is actually getting a workout. Also, if you are working in a high pressure environment, you could wind up snacking more to cope with the stress. According to a Harvard Medical School report, “Too much sitting linked to diabetes, premature death”, aside from a possible weight gain, sitting at your desk all day can also have a negative impact on your sugar and fat metabolism, in turn increasing your risk of getting diabetes and heart disease.

Unless you plan on getting a more active job, try your hands at these strategies that will prevent you from packing the pounds while scaling up the corporate ladder.


Stand at your desk

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Based on figures from the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, when you stand, you burn up to 30 per cent more calories compared to when you are sitting. While this might not seem like a significant amount, it adds up over time and helps you to waistline in check. Additionally, standing also helps to improve your blood sugar levels, which once again contributes to weight loss.

Consider standing or moving around every half hour or so when you are at work for about one to three minutes. You can even download mobile phone apps that will sound an alarm to remind you to stand or walk around. If your job requires you to be on the phone a lot, you can also stand while talking on the phone to burn more calories.


Bring your own lunch

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While it is easy to slip into the habit of getting takeout or eating out during your lunch break, those food options tends to be higher in calories and fat. When you pack your own lunch, you can control those factors and combat the office weight gain.

 As a rule of thumb, try to pack healthy lunches and have a mix of lean protein like grilled chicken and fruits or vegetables that will keep you full and satisfied throughout the work day.


Stay away for the vending machine

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The vending machine may seem like a godsend when you have back-to-back meetings scheduled and absolutely no time to head to the cafeteria or the eatery around the corner. However, many a time those packaged treats are often packed with calories and low in nutrients.

Rather than picking up a bag of chips from the vending machine, keep some healthy snacks at your desk that will fill you up and fuel your body to get you through the day. The Health Promotion Board recommends snacking on foods such as almonds, pumpkin seeds and cherry tomatoes.


Take the stairs

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When you get to work and get off work, take the stair rather than the elevator. If you really want to sneak in a workout and work those glutes, spending 30 minutes a day just walking up and down the stairs.

Additionally, according to the Health Promotion Board, walking between 7,500 and 10,000 steps can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as improve blood glucose levels, in turn reducing the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.


Stay hydrated

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When you are not hydrated, you might mistake your thirst for hunger and snack more than necessary. That is why you should keep a bottle of water with you at all times and sip water through the workday. The Health Promotion Board recommends a daily intake of eight to ten glasses of 250ml of water each.

By doing so, it will stop you from snacking when you’re not hungry and you’ll also feel less lethargic when you work.