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Crossfit, Zumba, and anti-gravity yoga aren’t likely going away anytime soon, but what new trends can we expect to see in 2013? Here are the top trends bloggers and industry experts are predicting to be on the horizon.

1. Functional training: Sure, it’s a fitness buzzword, but with most adults spending up to 20 hours a day sitting or sleeping, this technique targets a range of fitness needs in a short amount of time, says blog FoodandFitnessPro.

Look for an upswing in classes such as TRX suspension training, P90X, bootcamp and kettlebell workouts, all designed to build strength for real-world activities.

2. Women lifting heavier weights: “In their lives, women typically receive no encouragement to do serious strength training,” Steven Shrago, co-founder of CrossFit London, told Relaxnews, noting his dislike of pink dumbbells marketed to women. “To me, that is hugely insulting, and the opposite of empowering.”

But as more people are drawn to hardcore workouts like Crossfit, that very well may change. “Many modern women are refusing to be intimidated by rigorous weight training and are jumping right in alongside the guys,” writes website Slimming Point. “Overall, more can be accomplished with a solid weight-training routine than hours of cardio, and even more women will be aware of this in 2013.”

3. HIIT – or High-Intensity Interval Training: The buzz over HIIT is only going to get stronger next year, bloggers say, as the principle of short, quick, intense workouts gets applied to everything from track drills to swimming to push-ups. One of the hottest HIIT workouts is known as Tabata style: you work at maximum effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, then repeat. Expect dizziness.

“And because it offers valid, proven fitness benefits, Tabata-style interval training will start popping up in boot camp classes, kettlebell formats, and spinning workouts this year,” writes The Organic Triathlete & Runner. “It can also be used in muscle sculpting classes as a ‘finisher’ for the lower body, where you do a Tabata of jump squats and a ‘finisher’ for the upper body, where you do a Tabata of pushups.” – AFP RELAXNEWS