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Difflam’s throat spray

It’s the month that both kids and parents dread. After a good 10 weeks of school, the one-week September break is welcome relief. It’s a time to relax and chill. But after that, you’ll have to drill down to preparing for exams the next month. Kids and parents alike really can’t afford to fall sick.

Yet, they inevitably do, the most common complaint being a sore throat – an inflammation of the throat – resulting in that uncomfortable, dry or scratchy feeling. “Viral and bacterial infections are common causes for a sore throat,” says Crawfurd Medical’s Dr Peter Chen.

It’s usually triggered by post-nasal drip from a runny nose, or irritation from smoking, spicy foods, and dryness from excessive air conditioning. It’s a pest when schedules are in full swing.

Difflam Forte Anti-Inflammatory Throat Spray

Thanks to the minty Difflam Forte Anti-Inflammatory Throat Spray, children as young as six years old can now get fast relief from their sore throat. It takes from 60 seconds* to relieve sore throat pain. The spray contains the anti-inflammatory ingredient, benzydamine hydrochloride, which helps reduce swelling and pain. Benzydamine hydrocloride possesses local anaesthetic effects, triggering numbness and pain relief at the site where it’s applied. It also reduces the production of various chemicals that result in inflammation.

The easy-to-use Difflam spray works quickly. A complementary addition to Difflam’s assortment of sore-throat remedies, including lozenges and gargle solutions, it’s a convenient option. Yes, lozenges do work, but if your kid is engaged in physical activity in the playground, it’s not a good idea for him to have a lozenge in his mouth. And it may not be easy for you to speak during a meeting if you’re using lozenges. With the throat spray, you and your kids can get through the day with minimal disruption.

The spray also has an extended nozzle that is able to get to those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth and throat. That means you can target the right spot every time. If you have a sore throat, spray directly onto the affected area every one and a half to three hours – two to four sprays for adults; two sprays for kids six to 12 years old. Best of all, it’s available over the counter through a pharmacist, no prescription required.

The pocket-sized spray is also free of sugar, lactose and gluten. And the minty fresh flavour has a cooling effect. Super comforting.

Handy tips for preventing a sore throat

Wear a mask


Wear a mask
Take the necessary precautions when you’re around sick people. “Either you wear a mask or they do,” says
Dr Chen. Keep one on you at all times.




Clean your air-conditioner regularly


Clean your air-conditioner regularly (and open the windows every now and then).
Although they’re not the sole cause of sore throats, Dr Chen says air-conditioners may play a role. Mouldy air filters and poor air circulation can cause a room to become a hotbed of infection.




Stay away from clusters of smokers

Stay away from clusters of smokers
Sure, you don’t smoke. But do you hang around people who do? The smoke from cigarettes and cigars can irritate your air passage, causing a scratchy, burning feeling in your throat.




Get the Difflam Forte Anti-Inflammatory Throat Spray (15ml) at clinics and pharmacies islandwide.

For further information, please refer to the Product Information Leaflet. If symptoms persist please consult your health-care professional.

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