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When it comes to having sex, the bedroom is the go-to destination for many Singaporean couples. But let’s face it — doing the deed in the same bedroom, in the same rusty position can get pretty boring. 

So what do Singaporean couples do? Switch up the lovemaking setting. After all, people do get horny even when they’re walking down the streets of Orchard Road — so much so that they’d settle for any nearby, semi-private setting to do the nasty. 

We speak to five Singaporean women in their 20s for the craziest places they’ve gotten down and dirty (quite literally). And here are their responses.

Spoiler alert: At least one person who got their freak on at a random back alley in Holland Village

1. Coney Island

“We did it in the middle of Coney Island while hiking.

While we were walking, he suddenly mentioned that he has never done it in the middle of a forest before. And I knew he liked seeing me in sports wear so we just did it there and then. 

He pulled down my pants and took me from behind. I was grabbing onto a tree trunk and shaking it so hard that leaves started falling.”

2. A back alley in Holland Village

“My ex and I had some drinks with friends at that time and I couldn’t really handle my alcohol well so I got a bit drunk. I wanted to go home so I called a taxi. My ex walked me to the pickup stand, but the driver was taking a really long time.

I got horny while waiting for my ride (being drunk makes me horny) so I decided to take another sort of ride first and we smashed at some back alley of Holland Village. No one orgasmed but it was fun.”

3. In the compounds of a local university

“My personal favourite place to have sex was at Block C on the sixth floor of a certain university when I was a student there. 

When I was 21, I would go there with my ex and have sex because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and there was NEVER a single soul around. Whether there were CCTVs or not … I don’t know and I don’t care. 

We’d head up to our secret spot to do the deed in between lessons, after class, before class… ALL. THE. TIME. Looking back, I’m surprised we didn’t get caught.”

4. The HDB car park staircase (with a surprise)

“Since both our families are strict and we couldn’t bring our partners home, we had one particular spot to have quickies — it was at the car park staircase next to my block.

OK, before you say it, I know that having sex at a staircase in Singapore is very common. But what was not common was getting caught by a secondary school student while banging it out. 

My partner and I were butt naked (I was on all fours on the stairs) when a kid suddenly swung the door wide open. We got a shock and accidentally made eye contact with him. The poor kid froze there for a second before slamming the door and running off.”

5. The handicap toilet of a hotel 

“It was Christmas Eve and I was already feeling kinda horny while out and about with my partner. 

As we walked past a five-star hotel, we gave each other the look and waltzed right in. We found a handicapped toilet located on the second-floor lobby of the hotel and we figured that nobody would use it since it was at a secluded corner. Besides, there were two accessible toilets so even if there was someone, they could use the other toilet. 

Having sex in that hotel toilet was glorious — it was huge, sparkling clean, and smelt great. We took our time and even managed to wash up inside after that. In total, we spent about 20 minutes in the cubicle. 

However, sh*t went down when we came out. There were five people in line — one of them being a pre-teen girl who looked no older than 11 years old. Turns out, the other toilets were not in service and everyone had been waiting for our toilet. 

Everyone stared at us as we made our way out. I was so embarrassed, I hid my face and quickly walked away while my bird-brained boyfriend accidentally made eye contact with all of them. 

They gave us weird looks and I think I even overheard the young girl asking another person in line why two people were comingg out of the same toilet at the same time.”