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1. Give him a hand

Get him revved up for a sexy night ahead with a slow, tantalising hand job. Make sure he’s relaxed and either sitting or lying down. Now, rub a small amount of lubricating jelly between your hands to warm it up.

Grip the base of his penis with one hand while your other hand goes to work stroking his shaft. Squeeze his penis while your hand moves up and down (but don’t squeeze too hard). Allow your fingers to graze the tip of his penis and spend a little time massaging the head using your thumb and forefinger. Occasionally, you may wish to tug gently at or fondle his testicles.

While you’re working on his penis, he can use one of his free hands to stimulate your clitoris.

Pay attention to your guy’s reactions – you know you’re on the right track if he starts squirming or breathing a little faster or heavier. Increase the speed of your strokes according to his level of arousal. It’s up to you to give him a happy ending, or continue to the next stage of foreplay.


2. Tongue twister

Do you and your guy love to 69? Spice things up by making your blowjob extra special: Take just the head of his penis into your mouth and gently run your lips over it (lick your lips beforehand to make it a wet and slippery experience).

Next, run the tip of your tongue along the length of his shaft a few times, before licking and sucking on the head (this is the most sensitive part of the penis).

Now, give him a regular blowjob, but as you pull your lips upwards, slowly swirl your tongue around the shaft, then, when you get to the tip, flicker your tongue against it for several seconds.

Repeat this move, building up a rhythm and increasing the speed of your movements to match your man’s excitement.


3. Round and round

Ask your man to lie on his back and straddle him, as if you were about to get into the woman-on-top position. Don’t allow him to enter you just yet; instead, position your vagina just above his penis before gently lowering it so that it’s just touching his shaft.

Then, slowly move your hips around, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, so that your genitals are massaging his penis. You can even glide your vaginal lips up and down along his shaft and allow them to brush the head of his penis. After a few minutes, he will be aching to penetrate you.

Tip: Remember to take control and take your time – you want to this move to be teasingly slow. A bit of lubricant applied to his penis will heighten both his and your pleasure.


4. Get your grind on

Get into the woman-on-top position. Now, instead of pumping up and down as you normally would, press your vagina down onto the base of your man’s penis (as far down as you can go – you should be able to feel his pubic bone).

Now slowly rotate your hips so that you’re grinding down on his shaft. He should feel that the walls of your vagina are massaging his shaft each time you push down on him. Occasionally, squeeze your vaginal muscles tightly, as if “hugging” his shaft.

As you grind down, make sure your clitoris comes into contact with the base of his penis – this will increase your arousal.


5. Open wide

Make sure your guy is sitting upright on the bed for this. Lay down between his legs, facing him. Raise your knees and rest your feet on either side of his body.

Position your vagina such that it is touching your man’s penis and then get him to penetrate you (you may have to raise your hips a little to give him easy access). Now, have sex as you normally would, but using slow and controlled thrusting movements.

You may have to slightly lift your butt off the bed every now and again to match your guy’s thrusts. This position is a visual treat for him – he has a full view of your vagina, so reach down and touch yourself if you want, he’ll love it! – and super-satisfying for you, because it allows for deep penetration. Talk about a win-win!


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