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Photos: Geeky Sex Toys

Grab your lightsabers – or not. To celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, an online sex toy store just released a line of… well, sex toys.

Geeky Sex Toys released what they called “Star Toys”, featuring sexy items inspired by the characters.

The Australian-based company wrote in their company profile, “We believe a sex toy should be more than just a tool to get you off, it should be fun, entertaining and visually pleasing (as well as physically pleasing).”

And we’re not gonna lie, the Darth Vibrator looks pretty cool.

The good news? They ship worldwide!  

Warning: This might taint your Star Wars fantasy.


1. For those who like it bad

Join the dark side with this Vader-inspired vibrator. Darth Vibrator, AUD $169 ($172). 


2. For anyone who’s ever wanted to own a lightsaber

All true Jedi must build their own lightsaber, and this vibrator lets you do just that. The “blade” comes in red, green and blue, and the hilt in either black or silver. You can even choose between smooth or phallic “blades”. LED Laser Sword Dildo, AUD $169 ($172). 


3. For your bae who needs a Han(d)

If your bae is a Star Wars fan, surprise him this festive season with a Han Solo-themed fleshlight for those moments he wants to go “Solo.” Hand Solo, AUD $69 ($70).


4. This might be the ‘droid you’re looking for

Made to withstand strong and continuous stimulation, “hard-2D2” here should be your go-to if you like it long and hard. You can also charge it via a USB cable! R2-V2, AUD $169 ($172). 


5. For the one who goes for gold

Made of top-grade aluminium alloy, this has an insertable length of four inches, and is great for the talker in bed. C3-Plug, AUD$49 ($50).


6. For the sex Master

Five-inch long and 4.5-inch-wide in girth, this multipurpose toy can be used in any way. Do or do not, there is no try. Dildoda, AUD $55 ($56).


7. For the trooper who likes good vibes

Know someone who has been working hard throughout the year? This one is a great gift to reward them for their hard work. Vibe Trooper, AUD $169 ($172). 

We’ve seen a lot of companies releasing collaborations with the move franchise, but we daresay this is the sexiest one yet! 

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