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Men aren’t always easy to read in relationships but, sometimes, the signs are there for us to see – as long as we’re looking for them. Here are seven ways to know that you should stick things out with your man.

Singapore men women relationships dating advice signs he is ready for marriage DECOR

If your guy is waiting for you to do all the work in the relationship, he might not be ready for anything more. A man who is willing to share responsibilities and make the same sacrifices as you is telling you that he’s the kind of guy who’s in it for the long run. He has to show that he’s as interested in the relationship as you are and wants to take equal responsibility with regards to making decisions, and he makes an effort to get to know the important people in your life too.

We don’t mean he has to go on and on about you to everyone he knows – that would be annoying indeed. You know he’s serious about you if he talks you up to his friends and family, because he thinks you’re amazing and he wants them all to know that too. If he tells others what a great woman you are – and not in a lustful way, if you know what we mean – don’t let him get away.

It’s not just women who want to change their men, sometimes men make demands on their women too. It’s fine if he wants you to do some things different – such as encouraging you to try new foods because you’re a fussy eater – but he needs to love you just the way you are, instead of trying to change you.

If he opens up to you and isn’t afraid to talk about his feelings, that’s a clear sign that he wants a long-term relationship. This shows that he’s emotionally available and isn’t just with you for the physical and fun bits of the relationship. He’s opening himself up to you and is honest with his feelings – and that’s husband material.

If you can rely on your man all the time and he never lets you down, he’s marriage material. Because, really, who wants to spend the rest of their life with someone who is flaky and says he’ll be there but then never shows up? It could be as simple as him picking up the groceries when he says he will or him willingly – without any grumbling – accompanying you to help to paint your best friend’s house. Him being reliable also means that you know he has your back and is always going to be there for you, no matter what the circumstances.

We don’t mean someone who will listen to you for hours as you go on about what happened during your two-day work retreat – only your best friend will sit through that willingly. Your man just has to listen to you, period. He might nod and smile politely when you’re telling him about your day while he’s reading the newspaper but, when it comes to the important things, he really listens to you. If he listens to you when you tell him how happy you are in the relationship or how you really want that promotion at work – and remembers all this later on – he’s a keeper.

How he reacts when you have a fight is an important indicator of whether he’s marriage material. Does he walk out when he doesn’t get his way? Or does he stick around and deal with it like a grown-up? If he’s mature about working through the bad patches in your relationship, it shows that he’s willing to go through both the ups and downs with you and is willing to make the effort to work on things. And that’s bonus ‘good husband’ points.

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