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Actor Patrick Dempsey outbid six other rivals including coffee giant Starbucks – which he called “the green monster” – to become owner of Seattle coffee chain Tully’s.

Dempsey, best known among TV audiences for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd or ‘McDreamy’ on the US show Grey’s Anatomy, brought the chain out of bankruptcy with a $9.15 million bid through his company Global Baristas.

“We met the green monster, looked her in the eye, and … she blinked! We got it! Thank you Seattle!” tweeted the actor in reference to Starbucks, a Twitter blast that was retweeted by about 680 people as of January 7.

Dempsey’s fictitious medical drama is based in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Tully’s partner Green Mountain Coffee Roasters released a statement saying the buyout will do little to change existing operations, as the company will continue to roast, package and sell Tully’s Coffee in bags, K-Cup packs and Vue packs in supermarkets, club and specialty stores.

The US Bankruptcy court will be holding a hearing to review the bid on January 11.

In addition to their US locations, Tully’s coffees are available at 450 retail locations around the world, including Japan, Korea and Singapore. – AFP RELAX NEWS