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It’s the holidays, and for many of us that means being run off our feet, scrambling to get our Christmas shopping done, and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

But being busy (and tired) is no excuse to let your sex life go to hell.

These six positions are effortless, comfortable, and perfect for when you don’t feel like trying too hard.


Two spoons

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It’s early in the morning (or late at night) and you and your guy are spooning. You’re both feeling frisky, but you’re so tired you can barely move. No problem, while still on your side, simply raise your knees up to your chest, part your legs a little and get your man to enter you from behind. All he has to do is thrust in and out of you while he continues to cuddle you (you don’t even have to turn around to face him). If you can spare the effort, reach out behind you and fondle his testicles – he’ll appreciate the extra touch. 

Sitting pretty  

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Do you like being on top but can’t quite muster the energy to ride your guy into the sunset the way you normally do? This position is a relaxing alternative to the woman-on-top: Get your man to sit in a comfortable chair and climb into his lap. In this position you can rotate your hips slowly without putting any pressure on your knees, and your partner doesn’t have to do a thing. 


Wrap-up missionary

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Get into the missionary position, but instead of drawing your knees up, wrap your legs around your guy’s hips, and your arms around his neck. That’s pretty much it – let him do all the hard work; his pelvic bone should come into contact with your clitoris while he slowly thrusts in and out. 



Downward dog

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No, this is not a yoga position; it’s a twist on the old favourite doggy-style sex. All you have to do is lie on your stomach and prop your butt up with a pillow. Your guy then gets up behind you and does his thing. Bonus: This angle allows for deeper penetration and is ideal for hitting your G-spot. Just try not to fall asleep.

The sofa doggy

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Lie on the sofa on your tummy, but make sure your shoulders are hanging off the side of the sofa just a little. From here, get your man to enter you from behind, doggy-style. What’s great about this position is that, unlike doggy-style sex, you don’t have to rest your weight on your arms, which can get tiring (and even painful) after a while.


Two starfish

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Get your man to lie on his back and spread his arms and legs so that his body looks like an X. Now climb on top of him (squat, don’t kneel) and get him to enter you. From here, you’ll want to slowly lean back so that your body is flat on the bed and your legs and arms are spread so that it looks like an X, too. Then, thrust away. Bonus: you can leave your clothes on for this one. 

This article was first published in Decemeber 2018.