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5 discreet sex toys to take on your vacation


Just because you want to take a few of your bedroom toys along with you on holiday, doesn’t mean you’re going to be faced with an embarrassing situation trying to clear immigration or if your luggage should accidentally bust open at the luggage carousel. There are lots of compact and discreet adults toys in the market today that perform well and are perfect for travel. Here are my favourite 5.


1. Pseudo cosmetics

It all started years ago with the lipstick vibrator which looked exactly like a regular stick of lippie. I’ve yet to meet a lipstick vibrator I haven’t loved… from the cheap China ones to the higher end ones like the Lelo Mia. Now, you can even get these nifty little sex toys incognito a powder compact form. Slip it in your make-up bag and no one would be the wiser.


2. Jewellery

Travel and versatility go hand in hand. There are many sex toys which double up as beautiful pieces of jewellery which you can wear. There are necklaces with vibrating pendants like the VESPER necklace from Crave, and there are ergonomically designed rings made of silver and silicon from a group of Italian designers called Ménage à Quatre.


3. Tenga EGG

Now this one is especially for the boys, we can’t leave them out of the fun. Lots of maturbation sleeves (like Fleshlight) are so embarrassingly vulgar and obvious looking. I would not be caught dead lugging around a canister with a pink rubber vagina sticking out of one end! But with the new type of sleeves, like the Tenga EGG, these babies can pass off as anything (toy eggs, ornaments, or even art!) but a sex toy. Plus, the EGG Series is designed solely for one-time, disposable use, so it’s so convenient and requires no spunk clean up.


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No one would guess the pleasures which await within the egg.


4. Flash drive

The leading brands like Lelo, Tango and Crave create stylish looking flash drives with powerful motors which make excellent vibrators, despite their compact and slim size. They make the perfect travel companions not just because they don’t look like your typical sex toy, but also because they are quiet, waterproof and rechargeable via USB.


5. Fingertip vibrator

Hello Touch by a brand called JimmyJane is a wearable fingertip vibe. It looks much like any high end tech gadget with its control panel looking like a sleek MP3 player, and the finger pads looking like state of the art earphones. You slip the control panel (in its sleeve) onto your wrist, and place the finger pads on your finger tips. Then set the vibration mode you want and let your fingers roam. You can use this on your own or with a partner.

This article was originally published in My Fat Pocket.