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You never orgasm, you smell too musky… and what’s that squelchy, squishing sound? AZLINDA SAID asks two experts in Singapore to help you solve these problems so you can put the sexy back into love-making.

Sex: Your intimate questions, answered
Get over your sexual hang-ups with expert advice on sex and vaginal health. Image: Getty Images

1. I’ve got a strong vaginal scent – a musky odour that my husband can smell even before we start foreplay. Should I be concerned?
See a gynaecologist to exclude a lower genital tract infection. This is common in women as the vagina and vulva can be exposed to bacteria, fungi and even parasites.

It’s common to get such an infection once a year, although most women are none the wiser. “They mistake the bleeding for menstrual blood,” says Dr Christopher Chong, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore.

He suggests using a small amount of scented spray (which can be prescribed by your doctor) to mask the smell if you really have to. But make sure not to spray inside your vagina. And keep the area dry so as not to cause irritation.

2. I want to taste great down south, so my husband will enjoy oral sex more. Is there anything I should eat or drink?
“Try pineapples, kiwis and bananas to make your secretions more alkaline and sweeter. Celery may work, too,” says clinical sexologist Martha Lee from Eros Coaching in Singapore. Dr Chong advises that eating yogurt and probiotics, in addition to using vaginal gels, can make the vagina less acidic.

3. My husband thrusts really hard during sex, especially when he is near climax. Is he injuring my vagina?
He may be. If you’re not well-lubricated, you may suffer tears or abrasions. But you may not know it, unless there is bleeding and pain.

“The cervix and the back of your vagina are not as sensitive as your vulva, so you may not feel any pain despite having tears,” explains Dr Chong. “Indulge in a lot of foreplay so the vagina can secrete more fluids, preventing unnecessary friction.”
Martha adds: “The vagina is about 13cm deep, so if you feel pain, your husband could be hitting against your cervix – this is especially so if his penis is very long. Make sure you’re sufficiently aroused so that your vagina dilates to its optimal length, and ask your husband to slow down if it becomes too uncomfortable.”

4. I’m 48 years old and my pubic hair is going grey. Is it safe to dye it?
“Greying in the pubic area is not uncommon,” says Dr Chong. “There’s no harm in dyeing it, although you have to be careful as the vulva and vagina are vulnerable to infection. You could also have small, unnoticeable abrasions from intercourse. If the dye enters open wounds and into the bloodstream, it can damage organs.”

This article was originally published in Simply Her May 2012.