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L’occitane’s Immortelle Reset

With all the stress and demanding schedules we Singaporean women face these days, it’s pretty easy for us to neglect our own needs on a daily basis. We find ourselves focusing more on our career, family and social life so much so that we never take time to rejuvenate and reward ourselves with any proper ‘me’ time.

Symptoms of a stressful lifestyle

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The first step to managing your emotional and mental health is to recognise the symptoms of stress and see if any of these are manifesting in your day to day life.

Emotional symptoms include irritability, feelings of frustration, anger and fatigue. Behavioural symptoms like anxiety, loss of sleep and reduced productivity is also common among overly-stressed individuals, as well as physical signs such as eye bags, dry skin, acne, redness of the skin, uneven skin, and the appearance of fine lines.

Experts agree that many first signs of stress are manifested in physical symptoms, especially on our skin. And here’s where it gets even more worrying: if stress is left unchecked, it can lead to permanent effects such as early aging (welp!).

Needless to say, it’s incredibly imperative for us to start introducing little positive lifestyle changes, be it our skin care routine or daily rituals, to our lives right now if we see that we are indeed biting off much more than we can chew in the stress department.

Time to reset
Self-care is more than just a coveted concept that’s unattainable for us busy folks (who, by the way, can’t find time for hour-long yoga sessions and morning jogs) – it’s a necessity we should never overlook. Self-care is about being good to yourself, and your mental health. All you need is a couple of simple rituals you can easily slip into your daily routine to feel relaxed and refreshed.

1. Ritualise your morning beverage

Ritualise your morning beverage

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Feel renewed by starting your mornings right with a an energising brew that imparts life with every sweet sip. If you’re a connoisseur of coffee, you’d want to concoct a simple drink with drip coffee, almond milk or organic milk, and boost the health benefits with coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon. Other drinks such as matcha, chai tea and Moon Juice tonics are also good options depending on your personal taste.

Sip your beverage slowly in a calm space in your home to calm your mind before you start out the day.

2. 5-minute meditation

5-minute meditation

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Lie down or sit in a cross-legged position for 5 minutes on a yoga mat and try breathing exercises every evening to switch off from work and get rid of your mental clutter. Start by closing your eyes and engaging in deep breathing – this can help you connect with the natural ebb and flow of your body patterns. As you settle into your breath, you’ll also feel your mind and body quieten and relax.

You’ll find your energies and evenings take on a much more relaxed flow after setting this routine into motion.You’ll also approach your duties in a much more relaxed manner and sleep better.

3. Self-hand massages

Self-hand massages

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We’d get a nice, long massage at a spa every day if we could, but we’ll gladly settle for a quick hand massage for a fast (and free!) way to relax and recharge our muscles. Bonus: it’s also something you can do at the office table. If you spend all day typing at the computer like we do, this is practically heaven sent.

Apply lotion or essential oils to your hands before the massage to keep your skin slick and start by loosening up your hands by shaking them or flexing them. Pinch the tips of each finger and thumb firmly for a few seconds each. After you’re done with each finger, go back and pinch your fingers again, this time squeezing from side to side.

Further release the tension in your hands by moving your thumb along the edges of your palm and compress it firmly, while working your way to the webbed area, and finally the forearm.

4. Dry body brushing

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Let us start introducing the wonders of dry body brushing to you. Trust us, once we’re done, you’d want to do it every single day. Using a regular dry scrub with a brush over your body can do more than just erase dimples, diminish cellulite and tone certain parts such as your thighs and bum, it has awesome benefits for your overall health too. Body brushing encourages healthy blood circulation, strengthens your immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, increase energy levels, and delivers much-needed oxygen to your cells.

Invest in a dry body brush with coarse bristles for a sturdy and invigorating exfoliation, and start at your feet before moving it up to your heart in small circular strokes.

5. Incorporate a serum into your routine that resets your skin 

L’occitane’s Immortelle Reset

Us busy women need a skin care product that’s efficient and works just as hard (or maybe harder) as we do in caring for our skin. If you’re taking time out of your day – be it morning or night – to take care of your skin, you’re not only improving the condition of your skin, but the act of massaging on a luxurious face cream or serum can be relaxing and meditative too.

L’occitane’s Immortelle Reset, is a skin care activator that works to reawaken, relax and refresh your dull, tired skin. A luxury for your face that will give your skin a smooth glow upon waking – cue that #IWokeUpLikeThis soundtrack, this innovative oil-in-serum texture will be a comforting addition and luxe addition to your beauty routine.

This is why it’s is so effective. It contains a powerful serum infused with Marjoram and Acmella Oleacera extracts that protect the Immortelle essential oil for fresh anti-aging power with every use. The dual texture of serum and oil is comfortable and lightweight, allowing fast absorption and quick delivery of potent skin care benefits.

As if we need to be convinced further as to why we should be using the Immortelle Reset, women in Singapore have tried Immortelle Reset themselves and saw amazing results.

One of whom happens to be Chloe, who leads a very healthy lifestyle but still has troubled skin. After having used the product for 28 days, she noted that she still had a few blemishes, but the Immortelle Reset has helped improve her skin a lot, resulting in a more refreshed and radiant appearance.

Vivid, who used to suffer from breakouts from time to time due to her busy lifestyle and stress, was impressed with the product, expressing that her skin tone became more even, radiant, moisturised and smooth after using it. In fact, she feels like there is a layer of protection on her skin that helps it become less sensitive.

Considering how this might very well be our ticket to radiant and youthful looking skin, we’re pretty much sold. With such efficacy, this is just the type of efficient product that we need with our busy schedules.

L’occitane Immortelle Reset, $89; available in stores and on now.