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While moving in with your partner is an exciting choice, taking steps forward in a relationship always has its challenges. So if you’re feeling just a little bit concerned about leaping forth with this big decision, we totally get it. But don’t worry, because we’ve got some simple tips to keep your relationship going in the right direction.


1. Carve out time for each other

The Bosch Unlimited

Living together may mean that you’re spending all your downtime with one another, that doesn’t mean that you should stop planning date nights. Whether it’s heading out for a nice dinner or getting cosy for a movie night at home, be sure to schedule a special night for the two of you to keep the spark alive. Instead of allowing banal chores get in between you and your man coordinate your surroundings such that they don’t interfere with your plans. With the new Bosch Unlimited’s infinite runtime, you can do just that: You no longer have to spend your limited free time waiting around for the battery to charge. You’ll be free to vacuum whenever you choose, which clearly means that your man can (conveniently) take over the vacuuming while you get ready for your hot date.


2. Know each other’s habits

Moving in together means finding out so much more about their home habits, but successful cohabitation is not simply about knowing. Rather, it’s also about finding ways to assimilate both your preferences and habits. Are they a night owl, and you a morning person? Then a silent vacuum cleaner will work wonders for your morning cleaning chores. You’ll be free to vacuum without any worries of waking him up. And when you work from home, you won’t even notice your partner vacuuming with the Bosch Unlimited.


3. Have a routine

Chores are never fun, but we all know the benefits of a clean space. Returning home to a clutter and dust-free home is always uplifting, and will keep the both of you from going at each other’s throats due to all the mess. So what’s essential is in dividing and delegating with fairness. Come up with a cleaning roster that will ensure you both do an equal amount of work to keep your home feeling like a home. For example, you can take care of the pesky corners in the bedroom while he keeps the car clean with the easily detachable Bosch Unlimited, or alternating the vacuuming responsibility every week.

It might not sound like the most romantic thing to do, but happiness begins at home and to build a happy relationship, you need a happy home that you both feel a sense of belonging to. And maintaining this clean space together as a couple will only help to foster a union in the shared space the both of you now live in. So start utilising appliances that work for you and your lifestyle.

The Bosch Unlimited

The Bosch Unlimited cordless handstick vacuum cleaner will be available for initial release exclusively at Courts outlets from June 1, and will later be available at the Bosch Experience Centre and all major electronic stores nationwide from June 15.